Top AEW Wrestler Suffers Brain Injury Leading to Strange Ending


WWE is a company that focuses a lot on entertainment alongside wrestling for the vast fandom. Because of this, some fans might cheer on rival companies like AEW that offer hard-hitting action as well as campy characters. But the action comes at a very high price, and AEW’s top star Adam Cole knows that pretty clearly by now.

There are reports that a championship match on AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door didn’t go as it should have. The result was supposed to be the same, but the finish was changed as Adam Cole was injured in the game.

The weird ending to the IWGP World Championship match

In a fatal four-way match for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, Adam Cole’s shoulder came off as he attempted a move. In the final moments of the match, Kazuchika Okada spun Cole for his signature move, Rainmaker. But Cole ducked to escape the move and fell to the corner of the ring, which put everyone in the ring on notice.

Later, Jay White performed his signature move, Blade Runner, at Okada. Then he went straight to his best friend and pinned him to retain the title. However, this pin was weird, as Cole moved at the last second, but the ref counted 3 to give White the win.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported the news on , “Yeah, needless to say, that wasn’t how the finish was supposed to go. I hope Adam Cole recovers soon”.

While injury cut this match short, it was an incredible spectacle, watching so many styles of wrestling go head-to-head. We hope to be able to get over it soon and return to AEW Dynamite.

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AEW injured

Lately, AEW has had a lot of its stars sitting on the benches due to injuries. Chief among them is the AEW World Champion, . He fought a valiant battle against , but the Chicago resident had to sit out after winning the title.

Another former WWE talent who is on the bench, Daniel Bryan, shocked fans by breaking the news on Dynamite himself. While Bryan was supposed to fight Zack Saber Jr. at Forbidden Door and a Blood and Guts match against the Jericho Appreciation Society, he passed that job on to another former WWE star who returned last night.


The latest big name to be injured is , who had an incredible AEW World Champion run. But we hope they all recover soon and follow their passion for wrestling in AEW as soon as possible.

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