Tony Khan discusses his relationship with Warner Bros.


With the Warner Bros. Discovery merger earlier this year, and many of the company’s assets being cut or shelved for budgetary reasons, AEW’s future on TNT and TBS was in question.

However, since then, several WBD properties have made cameos on AEW television, including promotions for Shark Week and HBO’s House of the Dragon.

With AEW’s TV contract coming out in 2023, it’s a good sign for AEW to have such a healthy relationship with Warner Bros.

Tony Khan recently spoke on Sportycast, where he discussed the change and AEW’s current relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery, citing large AEW sponsorships, such as DraftKings, as a success.

he said:

“This is my third TV deal (coming). I’m on my second TV deal. Live events are a huge revenue driver, merchandising is a huge revenue driver. Now that we have big sponsorships, DraftKings has arrived and this year has been an amazing sponsor for AEW. Also, media rights are a big part of what we have. Pay-per-view is a big part of it. We’re selling pay-per-view, Bleacher Reports, working with on-demand providers, Internationally, FitTV Streaming. Our TV deals are our biggest personal revenue driver. For us, we have this great partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery and the rest of this year and next year. They have been very nice to us. Not only was the original leadership so great to take a chance on an unknown company, but after the merger, the Discovery leadership that has come has been so helpful and we are now finding opportunities with new management that is even bigger than we have. ever got it before.”

Speaking about the change in management and how he has dealt with AEW, he said:

“New faces, new people, and they’re great people. We’ve had different management teams over the years and it’s a new group. Obviously, they have different experiences and different insights and a ton of IP. Different portfolio coming up, but also new assets and new IPs being built by existing IPs we’ve really connected like never before. The few months we’ve been working together have been great to know and work with They’ve given us integration opportunities and I hope we’ve done a good job. The fact that we’re getting more of them and they’re so positive about the work we’ve done, it’s been really cool .

AEW is set to host its Grand Slam special next week at Arthur Ashe Stadium, with the new AEW World Champion being crowned in the main event.

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