Tony Khan Comments On When MJF Could Redeem For AEW World Title Shot


Tony Khan comments on the rules for when MJF Casino can cash-in their chip from Battle Royale.

MJF secured a future world title by winning the ladder match at All Out. During an appearance on the Barstool Wrestlein Show, Tony Khan was asked when MJF was able to capitalize on this opportunity.

,[MJF] Ever since he returned to All Out and won the casino ladder match, he’s really been dominating the championship picture, which means any time he’s going to have a shot at the world title, I’ll take that match for granted.

Khan will continue to say that cash-in can happen at any approved AEW event.

Khan replied, “I think we can certainly do any accepted event, at any time.”

“With live television, pay-per-view events, all these opportunities, it is exciting to have a competitor come out and to have this big championship match on Dynamite tonight is, of course, far more interesting to have two of the best wrestlers in the world. Brian Dennison vs. Jon Moxley face-off for the world championship in this year and a great wrestler like MJF to emerge in the background as a top contender with the right to challenge for the title at any time. That’s a very interesting championship picture. It’s in AEW now.”

Khan made it clear that he has to be cleared before the title match takes place. What he hasn’t completely clarified, however, is whether he will allow MJF to caching his chip in the same way as is seen with WWE’s Money in the Bank briefcase where the champions are given a premature match. Don’t know about.

Later in the conversation, Khan explained the difference between a chip from a casino battle royale ladder match and a “golden ticket” that would be awarded to the winner of the battle royal at the Rampage Grand Slam.

“the winner [The Golden Ticket Battle Royale] A title shot will be received at a specified time and place. He will have an appointment with the world champion. This is how it varies. You have someone coming in with a title shot, it’s going to be a set time and place. Because there’s someone out there coming out with a title shot, you have to go ahead and set plans, have a set calendar, and then when that person chooses to take that opportunity, that’s what happens.”

“It’s a very interesting situation to follow, an emerging challenge after the great Brian Danielson vs Jon Moxley World Championship match on Dynamite.”

MJF Barstool Was On Wrestlin’ Too earlier this week and commented on when he could potentially cash-in for his title shot.

“I’m waiting in the wings. I have this chip, I can roast this chip whenever I want,” he said.

“I’ll pick the bones of whoever wins this match. Am I going to do it at a Grand Slam? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do it next week in Philly, maybe I’ll do it a week after that . in DC.”

MJF was then asked if the Casino Battle Royale chip had “Money in the Bank properties”.

“So, I have to have a conversation with someone first, yes. But that doesn’t mean that all parties should be aware of said conversation,” MJF replied.

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