Tony Deppen reveals AEW pulled him from Wardlow segment



Former ROH star Tony Deppen revealed that AEW pulled him from a segment with Wardlow in May.

On the May 4 edition of AEW Dynamite, Wardlow defeated W. Morrissey and then members of the security team in an attempt to move to MJF.

speak with ringside wrestlingDePen reveals that he was originally going to be one of the security guards.

he said:

i like what it does [AEW Dark] Because it gives wrestlers the opportunity to make money and stuff, but at the same time, some wrestlers really need to cut into it too because eventually, you’ll devalue yourself for losing a minute every week. If you go there once a month and you get a five, six minute match and you can actually perform, yeah, it’s different. But if you’re out there every week and you’re out, I think it devalues ​​you as a wrestler and I don’t care about the run-ins, like when Wardlow will beat the guys. I don’t feel like that devalues ​​you but… yes.

When I did AEW in Baltimore, I also had to run-in with Wardlow and you know, Baltimore, that major Ring of Honor area. Everybody knows me there and I did my match and I turn back and the extra coordinator pulls me over the edge, he’s like, ‘You’re not going to be there for that.’ I go, ‘Why?’ He’s just like, ‘We don’t want to hurt you.’ He’s like, ‘Everyone knows who you are…’ They didn’t want me to be hurt as one – my worth seems to me, which I understand but in the same sense, I’m like yo, I will have got an extra payday.

Tony Deppen spent most of 2021 in Ring of Honor and won the ROH World Television Championship. He lost to John Silver on the May 9 edition of AEW Dark.

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