Today in Crypto: FTX Miniseries on Prime Video, HoddleKnot Under Police Investigation, Cardano-Based Ardana Stops Development


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  • a limited series of eight episodes left ftx Explosion of Joe and Anthony Russo’s production company, AGBOinstalled on Amazonreported Variety. Amazon hopes to put the show into production in spring 2023.

legal news

  • crypto lending platform hodlnot is being investigated by the Singapore police for crimes of alleged fraud and deceit. HodlNotch and its directors are suspected of “making false statements about the company’s exposure to certain digital tokens,” according to a police statement.
  • The company took over the contract for recovery ftx The estate said it managed to recover more than $740 million, as of Nov. 16, Fox Business reported. Financial services company with digital assets bitIt was leased when FTX filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 11, and since then the amount of recovered and secured assets is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

DeFi news

  • ardanaa decentralized ecosystem that operated on a gimbal (ADA) stablecoin, has stalled development due to funding and project timeline uncertainty. “Our code remains open source so that builders can continue their work.” told and added that ‚Äúremaining funds and treasury balances etc. will be held by Ardana Labs Until another capable development team in the community steps forward to continue our work.

exchange news

  • by little establishes a $100 million fund to support institutional clients Confirmed on twitter The exchange offers up to $10 million on its platform to existing and new market makers and dedicated account managers.
  • cross towerwho is currently bidding on the property of traveler digital, tries to acquire companies with “good customer base” and “good balance sheets”. Per Bloomberg, CEO Kapil Rathi said the exchange “openly looks at a variety of companies from an organic growth perspective.”
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nft news

  • With whom will the first non-fungible token (NFT) album be nominated for a Grammy? dao record On the NEAR blockchain, said in an announcement Close to Foundation‘Rhythm & Soul’ is a jazz album produced by Arturo Sandoval in collaboration with Metajax, and nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album Grammy 2023.
  • Prize pool for Crypto Exchange OkayA press release states that the NFT Football Cup has more than doubled since the event launched on November 8. This brings the total prize pool for the NFT Football Cup to over $2 million and the total prize pool for the wider OKX Football Festival to over $4 million.

investment news

  • funding overnight, an asset management protocol that offers passive return products primarily for conservative stablecoin investors, has been awarded a grant of 300,000 Optimism Token (estimated equivalent value of $300,000). An announcement states that the grant award will be used to develop a financial primitive that will cover a wide range of applications from treasury management to liquidity mining. Optimism Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of collective optimismIt measures Ethereum (ETH) technology.
  • Welfare Forum of India growth fitter together with close to IndiaThe regional hub of the NEER Foundation will expand its activities worldwide. According to the press release, Growfitter’s integration into the NEAR blockchain is an important step towards the company’s commitment to expanding its presence in Vietnam, the Philippines, Dubai and Singapore.




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