This ski maker wants to change the way you ski


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It’s not every day that a new ski brand hits the market with as much power as Peak Skis. Developed by professional skier Bode Miller, the Montana-based company is shaking up the industry with design technology that placed Miller on one podium after another during his racing career. With a range of all-mountain skis based on an innovative design, Peak Skis aims to revolutionize the way skiers perform on the slopes. Learn the story behind the brand and trademark designs that make Peak Ski a special experience.

Origin of Peak Ski

Bode Miller is the winningest male skier in North American history. He won big because he knew more about skis and ski design than most of his competitors. Miller knew that reversing his ski design could give him an edge. As a ski designer, he contributed to the invention of the modern sidecut and many other innovations that still benefit skiers today. Peak Skis brings Miller’s lessons to life through innovation and thoughtful product development.

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But the brand is about much more than just innovative designs. Miller understands the value of service: Imagine the attention an Olympian receives from his service crew and support staff. Every Peak Ski customer is offered the same level of service. As a direct-to-consumer company, Peak Ski is committed to knowing and serving customers through direct contact. There is no middleman. If you call Peak, they’ll pick up the phone and talk to you about skiing every day. The company’s mission is simple: Peak wants you to ski better and have more fun.

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Bode Miller, Peak’s Chief Innovation Officer, keeps Peak 88 on edge in Big Sky, Montana (Photo: Peak Ski)

Introducing Keyhole Technology™

Miller had no intention of developing new skiing techniques. In fact, he accidentally discovered the benefits of keyhole technology during his World Cup days when a ski builder on his equipment team used a piece of laminated metal to attach a pair of damping plates to a pair of GS skis. cut through. That cutaway created a bend point in the flex that allowed forgiving corner entry and powerful cornering from the Zero. Bode immediately recognized the advantage: he won the GS Crystal Globe on those skis.

Today, every pair of skis in the Peak Ski range of all-mountain skis features a refined version of the same cutaway concept called KeyHole Technology™. The flex of the keyhole ski has an easy pivot point. Peak’s production team uses a laser cutter to cut an oval into the ski’s giant front body. This cutout eases torque in the shovel for a loose feel, while increasing torque for a firmer grip on the edge. What you get is a smooth and playful entry with confidence-inspiring grip underfoot and through turns.

Lineup Peak Ski 2022/23

Ready to upgrade your setup this season? Here’s a look at Peak Ski’s latest offering:

Peak 88

Designed for those who spend 70 percent of their time on groomed snow or with snow-packed skiers, the Peak 88 turns head-to-tail with ease and dares to hold on to hardpack. But this is not just a pure frontside ski. KeyHole Technology™ makes the ski boot more flexible when skiing a fall line off the trail or navigating obstacles.

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The Peak 88 was built for resort skiing. (Photo: Peak Ski)

Peak 98

The most versatile ski in the Peak range, the Peak 98 is designed to spend half its life on groomed snow and hardpack and the other half off-trail in deep snow. Two full sheets of metal and a wooden core make it stable. Keyhole Technology™ makes it operable.

Split your time on and off piste with the Peak 98. (Photo: Peak Ski)

Peak 98SC

Looking for a ski that’s a few hundred grams lighter for inbound hike-to-terrain or short backcountry tours? This is the incredibly versatile Peak 98SC. This model still features Peak’s Keyhole Technology™, but with less weight for off-trail skiing or on-piste skiers looking for a lighter setup.

Lightweight yet powerful, the Peak 98SC is all about off-resort adventure. (Photo: Peak Ski)

peak 104

Powder skiing is a 24/7 dream. But sometimes hardpack is reality. With Peak 104 you don’t have to compromise. It is suitable for the darkest powder days at the resort, but you can also increase it when the forecast gets low. That’s the beauty of KeyHole Technology™.

From powder to hardpack, you can do both with the Peak 104. (Photo: Peak Ski)

Proudly born in the mountains of southwestern Montana, Peak Ski Company is rooted in innovation. Designed by co-founders Andy Wirth and six-time Olympic medalist, Bode Miller, Peak offers high-performance, technologically advanced skis for the core consumer market. Peak’s 2022/23 ski line has already been heralded as one of the best skis available on the market thanks to the talent and experience of the product design and development team led by renowned alpine skier Bode Miller. Learn more at


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