This is the best Xbox Series X Black Friday deal for 2022


It’s that time of year again. the weather is! Time to spend your money on heavily discounted consumer goods to help drive the economy back into the dark.

Yes, it is almost the most appropriate holiday in our country: Black Friday.

This year, Black Friday may be more important than ever for consumers. Rising inflation has hit us all where it hurts, looking for deals on things we want (since we can’t find deals on things) need) is crucial.

So here’s the best deal I’ve seen on the Xbox Series X, and since you’re getting it through Microsoft’s 0% financing program, Xbox All Access, you’re not only saving money, but spreading the payments over two years. .

Xbox All Access basically gives you the console And Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (including Xbox Live with Gold so you can play games online) and get instant access to hundreds of titles, many of which you can stream online instead of downloading. This is a good service.

You pay for both, of course, but you can spread those payments over 24 months, lowering the barrier to entry for anyone looking to upgrade to this latest generation of gaming.

The deal in question is on Verizon, one of several retailers offering Xbox All Access. It’s also, at the time of writing, the only one to offer a great Black Friday deal, with a $150 discount off the total price.

This means that instead of $34.99/month you pay $28.74/month. (Yes, this also means you spread the savings over 24 months, but it’s still $150 no matter how you deduct it).

This is a good deal! If you’re looking forward to the PS5 because of that system’s specs, I totally understand. but if you don’t care Spider-Man or God of war Then getting the Xbox Series X is a great option (especially if you like online games, because features like Xbox Game Chat are really cool).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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