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Some ancient civilizations believed the world was completely flat, while others believed it existed on the back of a giant cosmic turtle. We certainly know better now, but there’s still a sense of awe and wonder to the idea of ​​living on a floating creature. But then again, that’s exactly what cruise ships do, with the romantic idea of ​​sitting on the back of a turtle. Never say never, as they say, and a luxury yacht company is proposing just that with a “terrayacht” that can accommodate nearly 60,000 people on a spectacular journey across the ocean, which is as much terrifying and terrifying, considering everything that went wrong could go in the middle of the ocean.

Designer: Pierpaolo Lazzarini

Faced with overcrowding in urban areas and other land problems, people are not only looking to the stars, but also to the seas for their next abode. Rather than simply “reclaiming” land, some designs envision floating cities and communities that are kinder to their environment. Of course, most of these structures are designed to provide stable housing and space, so they are located in one location. As the name suggests, this huge yacht, if you can still call it a yacht, is meant for travelling.

Panzos, believed to have originated in Earth’s prehistoric past as a supercontinent, would become the largest floating structure ever built, measuring 550 meters long and 610 meters wide at its widest point. Despite its size, the vessel is designed to cruise at five knots, or approximately 9.26 kilometers per hour, using a jet drive transmission of 9 HTS engines producing 16,800 horsepower. However, the real appeal of the Pangios is more than its sheer size, what it houses and is built for: human luxury.

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If a luxury cruise ship can be called a floating hotel, Pangeos is a floating resort. It would contain everything people need to live comfortably for weeks or months, including hotels, malls, parks and other amenities. And since it wouldn’t be safe to actually take a dip in the surrounding ocean, it also has extra-long pools on turtle wings. The floating city would have a marina and even its own airport to transport guests to and from. In total, it is planned to accommodate 60,000 guests, not counting the thousands of crew members required to navigate this massive turtle.

Since it would be almost impossible to fully fuel this Terayat, the Panzos are designed to be self-sufficient and, in a sense, a bit sustainable. Solar panels cover the roofs, while large fins capture energy from breaking waves. This would allow the Turtle Ship to travel to Earth with zero emissions, or at least that’s the idea. Whether it’s a smart idea or not is another matter, but there’s no doubt it’s an enticing idea, one that could become a reality in 2033.




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