These shops and restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving


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If you forgot the gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey or pumpkin pie, your shopping options are limited — thanks to COVID.

Big picture: The country’s largest retailers will keep their doors closed on Thursday, and many restaurants will also not serve during the holiday.

review: Before the pandemic, it was common for retailers to start in-person Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving before the turkey was served.

  • COVID turned Black Friday from just a few days into over a month of back-to-back sales in stores and online.
  • This led to more supermarkets closing for Thanksgiving or further reducing holiday hours. View a list of stores that are open on Thursday here.
Walmart, Target and more stores are closed on Thanksgiving

list of closed stores Thanksgiving sales rose dramatically in 2020 as retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy reversed their Thanksgiving opening.

  • Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • Apple
  • Home
  • banana republic
  • Barnes & Nobel
  • bath and body work
  • to compress
  • bed, bath and beyond
  • call
  • best Buy
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Burlington
  • buy baby
  • Costco wholesale club
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • from Dillard
  • dsw
  • five down
  • foot locker
  • hole
  • Game stop
  • guitar center
  • H&M
  • harbor freight
  • hobby lobby
  • DIY store
  • Appliances
  • JCPenney
  • Zone stores
  • K Jewellers
  • Cole’s
  • from Lowe
  • Macy’s
  • Marshals
  • maynards
  • northstream
  • nordstrom rack
  • Office Depot and Office Max
  • old navy
  • petco
  • petsmart
  • REI
  • Sam’s club
  • Sephora
  • shoe carnival
  • staples
  • target
  • tj max
  • inverted beauty
  • Vera Bradley
  • walmart
  • global market
  • Zales
Supermarkets Closed Thanksgiving 2022
  • aldi
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • costco
  • Hy-V
  • giant eagle
  • lidl
  • Natural grocers
  • public
  • Sam’s club
  • target
  • Trader Joe’s
  • walmart
  • win-dixie
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Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island closed

more businesses will close Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island allow shopping on Thanksgiving due to state laws.

  • County or city laws may also mean shorter store hours in other parts of the country.
Restaurants Closed Thanksgiving 2022

Here are the top chains Where Thursday most places are closed.

Yes but: Restaurants that are open, in most cases, only open selected locations. Check the open list here, then confirm that the closest location is open.

  • Bonefish grill
  • Cheesecake factory
  • chick-fil-a
  • from chili
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Dickey’s BBQ area
  • little emperors
  • olive garden
  • Secluded steakhouse
  • Pete’s coffee
  • pizzahut
  • Red Lobster (only a few locations open)
  • Smoothie King
  • Tac Bell
  • Texas Roadhouse
Banks closed, no mail delivery on Thanksgiving

During this, Banks, schools, FedEx, UPS and the US Postal Service are closed for the holiday.

  • US markets are closed on Thursday and it’s a short day before Black Friday, with trading ending at 1pm ET.
opening hours black friday 2022

set your alarm clock From Friday Black Friday in the store. Here’s a list of when stores are open for Black Friday deals.

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