The WWE legend who was fired by Vince McMahon during the pandemic was asked to answer a bizarre request


Vince McMahon is infamous for controlling everything under the brand he built from the ground up called WWE. And sometimes the control extends to the talent that works for him, the wrestlers. They say popularity is power in the entertainment industry, but McMahon is a celebrity in his own right. Thus, all the excellence in the world does not add up to the presence of the boss.

One such wrestler who had to massively change his wrestling style was William Regal. The former General Manager of NXT in his prime, the man was one of the best wrestlers in the world. Influencer on Daniel Bryan, Zack Saber Jr. among others, was once a WWE talent who pioneered his expressionist style of technical wrestling, all the way to HD television.

The weird request Vince McMahon asked William Regal

On his podcast, Evil Gentleman, William Regal, spoke about meeting him before the first HD live broadcast. He , “Mr. McMahon pulled me aside and he said ‘Darren (Regal’s real name). Can I talk to you? I want you to be the one, the first to change everything about the face.

This HDTV captures everything in a completely different world than we’re used to. You are always known for pulling funny faces and big expressions. I want you to take it the other way around, which is to say, do it as little as possible, and the little nostril flares up and glares. He may have asked a few people, but he asked me, early on the day of the first taping, “I want you to do this.” Tonight go exactly the opposite of what you did before.

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William Regal’s influence on wrestling

Originally from England, Regal made waves on the American wrestling scene when he signed with WCW. He was a hit with fans, with his villainous persona of Lord Steven Regal. Winning the WCW TV Championship 4 times, he had earned a lot of credit for his wrestling style and heel persona.

Although his first run with WWE and his return to WCW were nothing to brag about, everything changed when he returned to WWE. Becoming WWE Commissioner was just a taste of his iconic role as General Manager of NXT.


Having iconic feuds with Chris Jericho and CM Punk elevated his industry veteran status over time. Tell us about your favorite William Regal moments in the comments below.

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