The ‘White Rabbit’ identity is being ‘withheld’ within WWE



WWE has been able to generate a lot of buzz online over the past few days, starting with last week’s episode of SmackDown, when a strange incident happened during a commercial break.

All the lights in the arena went off, and individual grace slick vocals from the Jefferson Airplane song ‘White Rabbit’ played around the arena, with the lights turning red as the song ended.

The same incident happened at the following two WWE Live events, and again on last night’s episode of Raw, but it was far from the only thing that happened on the show.

During a shot at The Austin Theory, a QR code appeared in the background with ‘Come With Me’ written on it. The link took fans to a website with a video of a white rabbit playing the game of hangman. The question read ‘Who killed the world?’ With the answer ‘You did’.

The teaser ended with the number ‘9.23’ flashing on the screen, leading many to believe that the reveal would happen on this Friday (September 23) episode of SmackDown.

The White Rabbit has caused a lot of buzz online, with many hoping it will masquerade as the return of Bray Wyatt. The same goes for the people in the company. per wrestling vote on twitterWhile many in the company expected White Rabbit to appear as Wyatt, information is being ‘withheld’ from those in the company as well.

He tweeted:

Asked by a source about the White Rabbit deal, the source said he doubted Bray Wyatt, saying it was being “withheld” from everyone. WWE has managed to garner significant interest from this, as it is a “TV storyline” and they want to keep it as quiet as possible.

We won’t have to wait long to find out, because either the reveal or the next clue will be on Friday’s SmackDown. Keep track of what I learned during the Triple H era.

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