The Undertaker is set to reveal a plethora of secrets he’s kept hidden and protected to maintain the character’s mystique for three decades.


Professional wrestlers are required to perform and act according to the character they possess. However, several times, due to certain situations, the wrestlers had their gimmick broken. The Undertaker was always an exception as he had maintained his personality throughout his WWE tenure.

The Deadman’s commitment to maintaining his character is impressive; even outside the ring. He rarely strayed from it, which helped establish his character’s credibility. Therefore, fans knew little about his life outside of the squared circle.

After 30 years, The Deadman will finally share his own unique and compelling life stories. On July 10, WWE and the A&E Network are set to release Biography: WWE Legends. Additionally, the first episode will also focus on The Undertaker and include a number of interesting secrets and anecdotes from his long and storied career.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated about it, said, “People are going to get a completely different look behind the character and see me in a light that they’ve never seen before. They’re going to see my family, and a lot of other different things that I’ve protected for years.

“All these years, everybody wanted to know, ‘Who is The Undertaker?’ I’ve taken all of that away. Now it’s time to answer those questions. It will be very intriguing for fans of The Undertaker. [H/T: ]

WWE Legend is aware that there are many aspects of his life the world doesn’t know about since he hid them. But in its next two-hour episode, many questions will have been answered.

The Undertaker biography will also feature John Cena

On his social media accounts, The Phenom posted a clip from the first episode. The video attracted viewers from all over the world, and many were surprised to see John Cena in it.

The clip featured Paul Heyman and John Cena, who will also be shown in the episode. In the video, Cena highlights the Taker’s true personality, saying: “There’s more to Mark than The Undertaker.” Heyman, meanwhile, called The Deadman “Legend.”

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