The truth behind the rumored WWE interest in Velveteen Dream



Despite what the man has said in the past, it appears that there is little chance of former NXT star Velveteen Dream returning to WWE anytime soon.

Even before his two recent arrests, fighter selection has reported that WWE was not interested in bringing Dream, real name Patrick Clark, back to the company.

Dream was arrested on charges of first degree battery, encroachment on property and possession of drug paraphernalia. He later admitted to using cocaine during his time with WWE, some rumored to have once served in NXT.

Former WWE star EC3 has recently responded to several allegations made by Velveteen Dream. You can read all about him right here.

Dream was hotly contested throughout his time in WWE, with one coach describing him as a “headache” due to his unusual behavior.

Dream was released in December 2020, but the release of Fightful Notes was being discussed in early June 2020.

A Fightful source noted that it would be a “miracle” if Dream were re-signed by the current WWE regime, and reiterated that we shouldn’t expect to see him back at the company, no matter how much he teases it on social media. .

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