The Rock Wants a Tag Match Against the AEW Stars



The Rock has only wrestled for the WWF and WWE, but that doesn’t mean he, like all other wrestling fans, can’t do fantasy book matches at other promotions.

Earlier this week, Matt Hardy tweeted his admiration for Shane Helms/The Hurricane, and then a fan pointed out that the Hurricanes actually set an unbeaten record against The Rock, having won their only match.

Matt responded to the tweet, confirming the stat, and once again praised both The Hurricane and The Rock.

The thread didn’t end there, either, as The Rock would then praise The Hurricane even more, and even went so far as to challenge Matt and Jeff Hardy to a tag match, in which The Hurricane partnered with The Hurricane. as was. Clearly he didn’t want to risk going 0-2.

You can check out the Twitter thread below.

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