The real reason behind what happened during CM Punk’s AEW Dynamite match



In a recent interview joey ji of wrestling headlinesFormer AEW star Bobby Fish reveals why he dropped out of CM Punk’s GTS during an episode of AEW Dynamite.

For those who didn’t notice, Punk hit a GTS and pinned Fish, who would kick out after the count of three instead of staying down as usual.

Fish said:

“The match I had with Punk, where he wins things at the end of the match with a kick out on GTS, which isn’t even his move. I’m giving in to my desire to be a little petty in that regard. Has a trick and you didn’t even have the decency to change the name. Even though, the confusion at the end of our match was that he did what’s called ‘The Office’ or ‘Iggy’. It’s inside some baseball stuff here He did this before the count of three was over.

“Having been in the business for a long time, I recognize what that is and have done it myself to have someone say, in our way, ‘whatever, good match.’ He did this before the count of three was over. It’s also a way of alerting his opponent that, ‘Hey, let’s change something.’ In that moment, I can compare it to what Tony Khan must have been feeling when he landed on EVP. You don’t know what to do. In that moment, I know for myself, I had to make a split-second decision, Couldn’t weigh this or that. I had to kick out or not and lose this moment forever. I kicked.”

Fish suggested that maybe Triple H or Vince McMahon would have dealt with CM Punk’s media scandal differently, and that he felt bad for AEW president Tony Khan.

“The only reason I bring it up is because we’re talking about it and I want to give Tony some grace in this regard, just because I’ve been there. To be caught in that position, he definitely has to.” Should have reacted differently, Hunter [Triple H] Or Vince McMahon would potentially turn Phil in that moment like a wet nap, which is probably the right response.

“In Tony’s defence, it may not be his personality. Here it is, in this very moment, he has his company car on this man’s back, giving him not only a lot of money, but a lot of trust.” And you’re kind of fucking right next to him. It’s a sucking situation for everyone.”

Fish left AEW at the end of August 2022, as the two sides were unable to agree a new deal.

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