The Pokémon Company is reducing the number of TCG cards in online packs, claiming it is “optimal.”


Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

We’ve already covered a plethora of serious issues with the new version of The Pokémon Company pokemon tcg liveA replacement for the decade-old digital way of playing card battles, pokemon tcg onlineBut there’s another aspect that’s underreported, and surprisingly it’s not a bug: they’ve cut the number of digital cards you can get from your code card in half. and speak Kotakuhas claimed that it is “optimal” for players!

After making the incredibly bad decision to migrate my account PTCGO Until PTCGL, I have a lot of regrets. While change is ultimately inevitable for everyoneonline close asap Live coming out of beta locking is a good idea for a number of reasons. first as clumsy online Maybe it’s not buggy for hell. Second, as a game with “trading” in the title, substitution removes all aspects of trading. Third, migrating will destroy more than four of your cards without compensation. Fourth… yes, you get it.

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

But when I saw that redeeming the code card only resulted in five cards coming out of the digital package, I assumed something had gone horribly wrong with the software. for the last decade pokemon tcg The product came with an extra piece of cardboard with a series of letters and numbers and a QR code. These unlock the digital equivalent of the package or item you purchased, made available for online use. From booster packs to deck boxes to coins to sleeves, it’s been a nice bonus, allowing the excellent card fighting game to be played without having to meet in person. And in each of those booster packs you can unlock ten cards to play online.

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Online booster packs work in the same way as IRL packs. You have an energy, common and unusual pokemon and a bunch of trainers, then a reverse hollow (or if you’re lucky, alt-art, trainer gallery, etc.), and a rare one. It made sense and felt very appropriate.

Now, depending on which version of the software you’re using, you either get the whole ten, or you’re completely replaced by half. This sucks, and after contacting The Pokémon Company (TPC), Kotaku It is taught fully consciously.

“For regular Pokémon TCG expansions like Sword and Shield [and] In Silver Tempest, each code card is designed to yield five cards in Pokémon TCG Live,” TPC told us, “which helps to reduce the rate at which non-foils receive common and unusual cards.” Hey.”

This issue was addressed with the introduction of five-card booster packs, which further balanced the in-game economy and contributed to a more optimal player experience.

This is the weirdest way to promote your own product, suggesting to get low It is beneficial to their customers for your money. And of course, yes, nobody needed those 79 Burmese cards they made PTCGO, But at the same time he had paid for it. It doesn’t matter that someone trying to complete the collection is looking for that unusual item they missed, and now their chances are more than halved.

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However, there is a (hypothetical) economic rationale for this decision that does not benefit the players. That’s why PTCGL With so many overlapping and confusing in-game currencies, it’s become a tough balancing act for the TPC to manage. One of these currencies is credits, and they can be spent to buy each card that a player wants from each collection. So yes, if you want, you can just get those alt-art Lost Origins Giratina, or Evolving Skies’ moon-loving Umbrian cards that could set you back $500 in real life. Credits are obtained by winning games and completing Battle Pass tasks, as well as getting more than four of any card. That’s why Live Don’t let you have more than four, if you draw another one it will be converted into credits. And it seems they’ve realized that if they let you withdraw the full amount from your code card, you’re getting “too many” credits. And this is not my conspiracy theory: TPC itself told us:

During the development of the game, we found that 10-card booster packs in Pokémon TCG Live often resulted in more duplicates of non-foil common and unusual cards. Once the maximum number of copies for a card type is reached, duplicates are converted into credits that can be exchanged for any card that a player does not already have in their collection (up to the maximum number of copies allowed). This issue was addressed with the introduction of five-card booster packs, which further balanced the in-game economy and contributed to a more optimal player experience.

That is, they created a new in-game economy that didn’t work very well, so the number of cards you get to correct their mistake is halved. Why are you limited to four of each card? I don’t know – of course you can only play four of a kind in a battle deck, but that doesn’t give an unfair balance advantage to someone who has them. But because you are, and it breaks their new system. If you’re not tough, you’ll lose half your fortune. It’s more “optimal” for you.

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Enter those codes though PTCGOAnd you still get all ten, as long as that software is allowed to continue.

This isn’t even taking into account how frustrating the process of opening the package is Live As compared to online. Previously you scanned codes and created an archive for later. There you will see an illustration of the packs, you can click on any card at any time, “tear” them and see all ten cards appear, with any rare cards turned over for you to reveal. . It was a wonderful experience. Now when you scan a code, you are forced to open five cards immediately, without ceremony and without the feeling of opening a pack. all exactly Mind blow design decision.

In better news, TPC has confirmed that for us despite terribly There are no plans to allow players to spend real money on the IAP-friendly new crystal currency. ,pokemon tcg live The game remains free to play with no in-app purchases, making it accessible to all types of players.




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