The multimillion-dollar project to improve the A40 may be postponed


Miljoenenproject om de A40 te verbeteren kan worden stopgezet <i>(Image: Ed Nix)</i>“src=”data-src=”></p>
<p>A multimillion dollar project to improve the A40 could be put on hold (Image: Ed Nix)</p>
<p>A multimillion-dollar project to improve the A40 in Oxfordshire could be halted due to ‘cost pressure’.</p>
<p>Oxfordshire County Council, the highway authority, is planning improvements to the road including a dual carriageway extension from Witney East to Ainsham Park and Ride, improved shared cycleways and footpaths, an integrated bus lane and works for the Duke’s Cut Bridge Is.</p>
<p >The council’s cabinet in April authorized an extension of the compulsory purchase order and byways, which will cost £106.7 million.</p>
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However, a report released ahead of an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Tuesday next week suggests that given current inflationary pressures, the project may be over budget and need to be revised.

The report said: “The Council remains committed to implementing the plan. A detailed review has been carried out as part of the ongoing implementation of the program and in light of global inflationary pressures experienced across all sectors.”

“As a result of this review, cost pressures have been identified that have resulted in the scheme exceeding the current budget.

“This has necessitated obtaining Cabinet approval to withdraw the existing CPOs and SROs from the ongoing regulatory process, allowing more time to review the scheme in detail and consider mitigating these cost pressures.”

The upgrade was proposed by the former Conservative government and inherited by the current county council led by a coalition of the Lib Dems, Labor and Greens.

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