The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery review: maximum mayhem on a Greek island


Fool them once, shame on you; Fool them twice, it’s a franchise. Three years after dusting off a dying style knives outWriter-director Rian Johnson has officially entered IP territory, or at least an anthology: knife Carrying on the linen-clad shoulders Daniel Craig’s gracefully crafty detective, Benoît Blanc, is now its own independent entity.

his presence is the common thread glass onions, a busy, flashy not-quite-sequel arriving today in limited theatrical release before landing on Netflix on Dec. 23, is bigger and more star-studded and not a bit quieter than the original. (Assuming we’d expect less by Hollywood’s thermodynamic laws.) It’s early days of the pandemic, but at least the rich people’s problems remain: Where will the one percent chaos end up in the middle of the apocalypse? Can, if not on a Greek private island?

To clarify, the names on the guest list aren’t nearly as rich as their host, a Musk-Bezos master-of-the-universe type named Miles Braun (Edward Norton). He’s the tech who invented half the internet; It’s the little people who knew her then, including politicians eager to see a Senate seat (Kathryn Hahn); a self-proclaimed scientist (Leslie Odom Jr.); a chaotic model influencer (Kate Hudson); and a bull-necked YouTube star (Dave Bautista) and his barely legal girlfriend, named Whiskey, of course (outer benchesMadeline Cline).

The glass onion: a knife from the secret

John Wilson/Netflix

Every year, Miles gathers these old friends — they don’t really have anything else in common, so just tag along — for a destination weekend; This time it is their private paradise in the Aegean Sea, where they are invited to spend their time reminiscing and solving a ‘murder mystery’ that takes place over a welcome dinner. No one is quite sure how Blank got the party invite, or why Miles’s former girlfriend and now bitter rival Cassandra Brand (Janelle Monae) reacted when Miles took credit for her best ideas and supported her financially. cut off from , But here they are in this luxury mansion, exchanging new secrets and healing old wounds, when in reality someone turns up dead.

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Johnson, again penning the screenplay, is not short of ammunition for his rat-a-tat version of ephemeral pop culture and the navel-gazing illusions of wealth and fame. Norton is something of a faux-boho billionaire who claims to be the best of them all – Serena Williams, Paul McCartney’s guitar, and even the late Steven Sondheim make well-deserved cameo appearances – meaning he accepts Blanc’s unexpected performance as a gift. Another celebrity bauble to collect. Hudson’s Birdie J, her aching assistant behind her (Game of ThronesJessica Henwick) laughing in the shroud, dropping truth bombs (“I see it as I see it”) that are like little xenophobic flash-bangs, and Monáe’s silent glow of a laser beam.

Craig leaves one franchise rooted in violent international intrigue and an ironic take on the right timing in another. But it seems like the actor, natty in his striped playsuit, is playing an almost alien world of Bond – swapping MI6 and martinis for neatly knotted cravats and foghorn leghorn bon mots – and he’s enjoying it. Takes it and bends merrily to be Benoit’s pure camp.

Inevitably, an outfit this size leaves some people out in the cold, and both Hahn and Odom Jr. feel short; The big reveal is less funny than the original, and some of the punch lines will likely reach their sell-by date before the credits fade. but glass onion Doesn’t feel like a movie, which is actually meant to peel off. It’s purely here to dazzle you with the buzz of wealth and murder and famous people, then sharpen your knives for the next installment. Grade: B+

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