The Forgotten Celebrity WWE WrestleMania Appearance That Got People Talking


In the early 80s, a local late night horror series called “Movie Macabre” became a breakout hit after starring its star Elvira (played by non-horror actress Cassandra Peterson) coors lite advertising campaign It aims to promote the brand’s self-proclaimed status as the favorite beer of Halloween. By 1986, Wally Ghoul’s stardom was enough to qualify for an invitation to participate in WrestleMania II.

While the Mistress of the Dark herself, did not take part in any catastrophe, she did Provide a short ringside commentary Plus some Pre-Attitude Era eye candy. When Jesse “The Future Governor” Ventura used the phrase “What a pair we make, right here at ringside” when referring to himself and Elvira (or possibly himself and Lord Alfred Hayes, who stood on his other side), Scream Queen turns all eyes back on her by hinting at her substantial endowment (via WWE Network). Although this may have been Elvira’s only WrestleMania moment, she helped promote WCW’s Halloween Havoc events. 1989, 1990And 1991,

Even though it’s been a while since Elvira made her last promo cut, she’s still got a huge fan following on the AEW roster: Danhausen, who wore a very, very evil Mistress of the Dark costume to Halloween a few years ago.

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