The ending of Netflix’s ‘1899’ signals quite a shift in style for Season 2


Netflix’s 1899 surprised me, managing to hit No. 1 on the service in the US and surpassing other popular series like The Crown and Dead to Me to reach that mark.

It’s the follow-up project from the team behind Dark, the best sci-fi show on Netflix, and truly one of the best sci-fi shows ever. sometimesMost people who have seen this would say: a rare example of a serious time travel story that actually works.

As such, many people suspected that 1899 might have been more about a bunch of strangers experiencing spooky things on an old steamship. And you would be right in that guess.

Spoilers for late 1899 follow.

Two major twists are revealed before the ending, one that occurs gradually throughout the series, the other that Right In the end

Over time, you begin to learn that the whole boarding experience is a simulation, a programmed reality that seemingly exists as some kind of behavioral study, but gone wrong. Everyone is caught in an endless loop.

At first it seems that Maurya’s father is to blame, hiding in a fortress and watching everything on monitors. and when he wields at least some power over the ship’s emulation, he terribly is trapped in a simulation at the same time, and the culprit is eventually revealed to be Maurya’s brother, even though Maurya herself appears to be the one who originally wrote the sim, though she has no recollection of doing so.

The final reveal of the season is the true nature of reality and where everyone’s bodies are in real life. In fact, it’s 2099, 200 years after the simulation is set, and they’re all on a long-range spacecraft called the Prometheus, which is headed for a potentially habitable planet, it seems. We see that basically all the main characters with speaking roles that we saw on the boat are all in real life, with Chetna still trapped in the sim, and now only Maura is free. In reality, he was greeted by a message from his brother welcoming him.

The main question here is, of course, why?

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the spacecraft was that these people were supposed To live in a simulation, to somehow occupy their mind and prevent it from being exploited on a journey for who knows how long, years, even decades. We don’t know if there’s some other “suspension process” for his body to stop aging, but no one showed up in anything like a sci-fi cryo chamber.

What is not clear is why the simulation went so wrong, what his father and his brother are trying to do. Receive About this, and what is considered the “answer” here. If she wakes everyone up, wouldn’t they be trapped in space indefinitely? So the answer may be that Maura needs to heal rather than end the simulation. I think the idea is that these travelers were being used as some sort of grand social experiment while traveling, or maybe they were trying to teach their brains something before arriving in a new world and settling down. Doing laundry. It’s a big ship, it seems like a small group of maybe a thousand passengers.

So it feels like next season, if it is renewed (and I bet it is), 1899 could in fact become 2099, acknowledging the “reality” of the real timeline, if it is real, of course. is also. Though I wonder if the answer is that Maura goes back to simulation and we get a kind of 1899 replay, only with the characters retaining their memories of the events, and the ability to escape/fix what’s broken. There is a new way. Maurya’s brother will no doubt be revealed as a real character and likely to reveal his motives.

I hope this is what happens and we don’t have to redo the whole ship exercise. I mean, they may have spent a lot on those sets, but going into space would be a much more interesting leap than that. It’s believed a three-season Darkish arc is planned for this, so we’ll see what happens from here.

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