The Blue Meanie opens up about burying the hatchet with JBL


There was no disqualification match between Meaney and JBL. In the July 7, 2005 edition of “SmackDown”“, and Meaney was able to spin it into more appearances for WWE, even getting a match at the 2005 Great American Bash.

“It’s the power of being able to stand up to someone you have a problem with and just say it,” Meaney said, “but that’s in 2005.”

Meaney mentioned that in 2022 people still throw JBL’s name into Meaney to make it stand out, and that can be grating.

“Look, we’ve posted pics together, I’ve been on the guy’s podcast, yet I don’t know how much more proof I have to say, hey, we’re cool now. We’re together, no problem,” Meaney called the issues “dead and buried”, and even noted that JBL almost got Maney at the Royal Rumble.

Meaney says these experiences with trolls help her understand why someone like CM Punk would get to the point where he would need to address his issues publicly, even though he feels that the issues should be taken public. Should be kept out of light.

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