The Berlinverse is finally here! Here’s how to participate


Conferences are a great way to learn about the latest trends and technologies. The metaverse is taking the world by storm, opening up new opportunities for interaction and collaboration. Understanding the metaverse is essential as technology companies look to capitalize on the next evolution of the Internet. That’s why the Berlinverse is here.

What is Berlinverse and why is it important to attend? Stay tuned as we bring you the Metaverse Conference of the Year. We’ll even give you a discount code that will lower your ticket price by 50%, courtesy of CryptoKitties 😉

other way around The goal is to give people from the physical world access to the virtual world. Various aspects of the digital environment, such as games, networks and global markets, enable interaction with players. However, because they appear as Avatars, the contestants are not shown in their true physical form in the Metaverse. Virtual reality games exist in the metaverse along with other components like streaming, digital assets and other things. Games are played between players who exist in the real world in the Metaverse.

Facebook invested heavily in the Metaverse, going so far as to call itself Meta. This alone shows how serious the company is about being at the forefront of the metaverse.

What is berlinverse?

Berlinverse is one of the leading Metaverse conventions taking place in the heart of Germany – Berlin! It is a two day conference showcasing the future of the internet, Web3, the Metaverse, NFTs, GameFi, collectibles, music and digital art/generative art.

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Viewers not only get the chance to network with like-minded individuals, but also experience the Metaverse “hands-on”. Over the 2 days, participants will explore, explore and discover plenty of great companies, artists, entrepreneurs and hidden gems.

When does Berlinverse take place?

Berlinverse will take place on December 6 and 7, 2022.

Where would the berlinverse be?

Well in Berlin! This city is all about art, music and business. Berlinverse takes place at Notagallery at 124 Postdamer Street, 10783 Berlin, Germany.

Great speaker at Berlinverse!

If you attend the Berlinverse, you’re in for a real treat. Great speakers from all different walks of life will share their experiences, insights, and challenges they face on their Web3, NFT, and Metaverse journeys. You will hear presentations on the latest trends and topics in GameFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Digital Art, DeFi, Crypto Trading and Crypto Use Cases.

what to expect from berlinverse

as an individual

Imagine going back in time and attending the first conference on ‘the internet’ and how it would radically change the world. Wouldn’t you rather feel favored over others? Well, you have the same opportunity in Berlinverse.

In Berlinverse, you are about to get a hands-on experience in the Metaverse. There will even be live Metaverse experiences where guests can enter the Metaverse and understand how it works. if you are a gamer, you will love Berlinverse. Visitors can also find our Gaming Corner and participate in exciting games in the Metaverse. if you have one art lover, you are a berlinverse lover! We host great NFT galleries where you will have the chance to purchase exclusive collectibles and generative art.

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as startup

As a startup, it is not always enough to have the perfect product or service. Most companies struggle with difficult issues such as fundraising, attracting the right people and scaling.

The Berlinverse is the ideal setting for you. Why?

European investors interested in learning more about your company will be available to meet and network with you. You will also meet professionals from the field who can share their knowledge and expertise with you. Moreover, you can present your startup on a professionally established platform. Talk about getting away!

as a company

Berlinverse is undeniably the place to be for established companies.

When you have too many daily tasks, you lose sight of what matters in the business world: people. Being able to network with like-minded individuals who have connections in diverse fields such as law, regulation, finance and technology gives you a huge advantage.

Moreover, now is the time for you to promote your brand and present your offerings to the general public. Every business needs to understand the importance of good marketing and exposure. Why not use Berlinverse to surround yourself with an audience that shares your interests?

as an investor

If you are a smart investor, you should know that time is money. It is very annoying for venture capitalists to have an abundance of information that leads to confusion. It’s also very frustrating when you’re eager to invest but don’t know where to start.

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If you’re looking for an investment in the future of the Internet, look no further. Berlinverse is the ideal place for you.

You have factual data, key business connections, and the right exposure to experts in the crypto and metaverse industries. We at Berlinverse look forward to meeting you and helping you realize profitable investment opportunities.

How to buy tickets for Berlinverse?

If you want to buy tickets for your friends, colleagues or yourself, visit the Berlinverse’s official Eventbrite page. From there, just click “Buy Tickets”, check out and voila! We’ll see you in the Berlinverse 😉

CryptoOffer: 50% Off Berlinverse Coupon Code

We at CryptoTicker are one of the largest media sponsors of the Berlinverse. That’s why we’re offering our wonderful readers one 50% discount codeIf money kept you from going to the Berlinverse, now you have no reason to!

To take advantage of the 50% discount for Berlinverse, all you need to do is add code CRPTOTIKER2022 at checkout. It was my pleasure, see you later!

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