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Dear nation without a bank,

happy thanksgiving!

One of the things I’m grateful for is the opportunity to explore and work with NFTs, which provide creators with new and more open ways to improve their practices.

That said, one of my favorite NFT projects is Zora for its impressive array of creator resources. And I’m excited and grateful that the Zora team just released their new Drops tool, making it easier than ever to deploy large unique NFT collections.

Do you want to know the basics of this new resource? I’ve got you covered for today’s post!


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Zora is a universal media registration protocol on Ethereum. This protocol, or hyperstructure, makes it easy to buy, make, or sell NFTs in a perpetually decentralized, permissionless manner.

DIY NFTs for making 1/1s (unique standalone pieces), limited edition 1/x collections (e.g. 1/10s, which have 10 copies of a piece), and Nunish Drops (e.g.) There is a range of solutions. 1 NFT published every day). However, Zora Drops is the first service anyone can use to create 1/1/x drops where each piece is unique but part of a larger collection,

Zora Drops are user-controlled and user-friendly tooling. they offer:

  • gas efficiency , Coin costs are cheap

  • built-in sales Native public and presale mechanisms available to drop tokens

  • no code ux , Deploy your own NFT metadata and smart contracts without being a programmer

  • easy upload , Batch upload created folders of unique files

Zora Drops upload front end

To use Zora Drops you need to follow these simple steps:
  1. Navigate to and connect your wallet

  2. Click the “Drops” button.

  3. Upload your desired metadata folder

  4. View and customize your potential mints

  5. Complete your collection parameters

  6. Complete the coin transaction with a wallet signature, and that’s it!

Example of the Drops “preview” user interface.

Suppose you are a poet who wants to create a collection of 100 unique poems at once.

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Previously, you could go to an NFT coin platform and manually mint coins fresh by fresh. The process can potentially take several hours, requiring you to deploy each of these NFTs individually with hundreds of clicks when all is said and done. This method does not work.

However, with Zora Drops, creators can now easily upload a folder of unique pieces, say 100 poems, and use a streamlined user interface to create and publish these works in a larger NFT collection.

What used to take hundreds of clicks is now just a handful, so the UX leap is important here. This leap forward is because Zora Drops is the latest awesome resource that NFT creatives should consider working in their Web3 toolbox!

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