Texas Twitter headquarters? Musk doesn’t rule it out


Tesla CEO and new Twitter owner Elon Musk are not ruling out the possibility of opening a Twitter headquarters in Texas, according to a new report.

Tech website The Verge reported that in a meeting with Twitter employees, Musk rejected the idea of ​​moving Twitter’s headquarters to Texas, but did not oppose opening a second headquarters in Lone Star state.

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Musk told employees, “If we want to move headquarters to Texas, I think it will add to the idea that Twitter has gone from the left wing to the right wing, which it hasn’t.” “This is not a right-wing takeover of Twitter. This is a moderate takeover of Twitter.”

Musk continued, “To be a digital town square, we need to represent people with a wide range of views, even if we disagree with those views.”

Since taking over Twitter on Oct. 28, Musk has had a tumultuous time as CEO of Twitter. About 4,000 full-time employees have been laid off, in addition to numerous private contractors and Twitter’s executive suite.

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While Musk has positioned himself as a “free speech absolutist,” his takeover of the company was seen by many right-wing pundits as the end of Twitter’s perceived liberal bias.

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Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi told Fox News Digital, “We’d like him to set up a second headquarters or move the entire company here.” “Certainly logical for a platform that values ​​freedom of expression and as a bonus, the company and its employees save tax.”

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This hypothetical second Twitter HQ wouldn’t be Musk’s first move to the Lone Star State.

Musk plans to move Tesla’s headquarters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas in December 2021. Similarly, SpaceX has a launch site in South Texas, with plans to build a test facility near Waco.




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