TEQIN Fish Tank Brush,Mini Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner, Fish Tank Glass Cleaner, Portable Durable Magnet Algae Remover for Small Fish Tank (Black*2)


Are you tired of constantly cleaning your fish tank by hand? Look no further than TEQIN’s Fish Tank Brush. This mini magnetic aquarium cleaner is perfect for small fish tanks and effortlessly removes algae with its strong and durable magnet. Its portable design allows for easy storage and use while taking up minimal space. The black color adds a sleek and modern touch to your aquarium while providing a functional tool that saves you time and effort. With the TEQIN Fish Tank Brush, maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your fish has never been easier.

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Price: £10.99
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Product Description



TEQIN Aquarium Magnetic Brush

TEQIN mini magnetic algae brush is powerful enough to help clean glass tank easily. The inside velcro material is ideal for harder algae while the outside soft felt pad prevents the glass from scratching.

No disturbance to the fish for there is no need to empty the entire tank while cleaning.

Compact size will not block the view when attached to the tank. But not suitable for acrylic or plastic aquarium

Only fits for glass tank Fit for < 3/5″ thickness tank Float up when detaches




Non-slip design

Ergonomic bionic design,not easy to fall off the hands

High strength wear-resistant soft brush

Wipe the surface of the aquarium,the fabric is soft and easy to clean

Prevent scratching magic stickers

When moving the magnetic brush,the magic hook on the inner brush will catch the algae sticking to the fish tank,easy to clean without scratching the glass



Exquisite Soft Brush – The cleaner for fish tank with a soft cleaning pad, which can help you easily clean the fish tank without scratching the glass. Just clean it once and your fish will get a clean and healthy home. And you don’t need to wet your hands or disturb fish to retrieve it.
Comfortable & Easy to Use – The design conforms to the curve of the hand, you can hold glass cleaner comfortably. Just move the outside, the inside will be clean. Small arched fish tanks are also suitable. It can go around square corners without missing any corners.
Black Super Magnetic Brush – Small fish tank cleaner can effectively and quickly remove. our magnetic brush has super magnetism.You can easily clean the inside by gently sliding the outside brush which will have a healthy and optimal aquarium.



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