TENGDEE Dog Puzzle Toys, Interactive Dog Toys for Dogs Training Funny Feeding, Dog Treat Puzzle for Small and Medium Dogs, Treat Dispenser for large dogs, Slow Feeder to Aid Pets Digestion



TENGDEE Dog Puzzle Toys are the perfect way to keep your pup entertained and stimulated! These interactive toys are designed to keep your pup engaged in training and play. The puzzle toys are perfect for small and medium dogs, as they are designed to dispense treats as your pup solves the puzzles. For larger dogs, the treat dispenser can be used as a slow feeder to aid in digestion. Not only will your pup have fun playing with these toys, but they will also help to improve your pup’s cognitive skills. With TENGDEE Dog Puzzle Toys, you can keep your pup entertained and engaged for hours!

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Product Description

TENGDEE New Upgraded Dog Puzzle ToysTENGDEE New Upgraded Dog Puzzle Toys

Funny Slow FeederFunny Slow Feeder

Easy to add dog foodEasy to add dog food

Easy to useEasy to use

TENGDEE dog puzzle toyTENGDEE dog puzzle toy

🐶【Upgraded Difficulty】To upgrade the difficulty of the game, the dog needs to press the top transparent granary cover, the food in the granary will fall into the leaking food box below, and then the dog will open the leaking food box cover to eat the food. Added steps for dogs to get food and upgraded the difficulty level of toys.
🐶【Upgraded Fun Feeding】This toy perfectly combines feeding, fun, and education, which can be used as fun feeding utensil for dogs. It can control dogs’ eating speed, let them eat slowly, in order to protect the dog’s gastrointestinal health, and promote their digestion.
🐶【Easy and Quick to Use】Open the transparent cover of the granary and add dog food or snacks directly into the granary. When the dog uses this toy for the first time, his owner can hold his paw to play, by repeatedly pressing the top cover of the transparent granary for several times, and then open the lid of the leaky box or move the sliding lid to get food as a reward. At the beginning, the owner needs to guide his dog to learn to use this product.
🐶【Bottom Non-slip Design】The bottom of the toy is designed with 4 non-slip rubber pads to prevent the dog from upsetting the toy during playtime. It can also be used as an contingent feeding utensil when the dog is alone at home.



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