Ted DiBiase comments on Vince McMahon’s retirement



The WWE Hall of Famer has commented on Vince McMahon’s retirement.

On July 22, when Vince McMahon announced his decision to retire at the age of 77, the wrestling world was shocked.

“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was one of WWE’s top heels in the 1980s and an artist who spent a lot of time working for McMahon.

during an interview with Sportskeeda’s Bill ApterDiBiase recalls his time with the WWE mentor and how he came up with the iconic character of the Hall of Famer.

he said:

“Thank you. Thank you for the biggest break of my life. I’ve never seen anyone who is more dedicated to what they do, and more dedicated to what they do, than watching you. You’re a man driven. I You’ve heard him say, ‘I absolutely love what I do and what I love to do, I mean, he took wrestling to a plateau that I don’t think anyone will ever do’. Could have. So thanks Vince, very, very much.”

Following McMahon’s departure, WWE named Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as co-CEOs. Additionally, Triple H was named EVP of Talent Relations and assumed all creative duties for the company’s main roster.

For a full list of the law firms investigating WWE because of the Vince McMahon allegations, click here.

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