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Taz always told HOOK: ‘Be anything but a professional wrestler’


HOOK has only 13 professional wrestling matches to his name, but he is already an internet sensation and the FTW champion. Tomorrow (September 21) at Arthur Ashe Stadium, he will team up with hip-hop artist and premier wrestler Action Bronson to defeat 2point0 at AEW Grand Slam (their match won’t air until Friday on rampage).

A heavily promoted match with a guest star in his hometown is the latest example of how AEW has taken their 23-year-old second-generation star to ever greater places. It’s also an example of why HOOK’s father – former ECW & WWE star and current AEW announcer Taz – changed his mind about his son following in his footsteps.

HOOK told The New York Post:

“When I was younger, my father told me to be anything but a professional wrestler. As I got older, things changed, and today’s company isn’t the same company he broke into.”

But when COVID closed his school and he went with his old man to AEW’s pandemic taping at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, the young man who would become HOOK (real name Tyler Senerchia) started thinking about becoming a wrestler. And Taz thought:

“If he’s old enough to go to a bar and have a shot of whiskey, he’s old enough to make his own decisions, right? That’s how I was raised.”

Dad only needed three sessions at Pat Buck’s Create-A-Pro Wrestling to realize that his boy had a chance to be something special in the square circle. Now he relies on AEW as he helps guide HOOK’s career:

“He will be treated differently. He is unique. I can’t tell you what it is about him that is unique, but I can tell you that if you keep him special, you won’t see him on TV every week. You won’t see him where he’s constantly on social media or doing stuff like that. Good luck. I can’t even get the guy to text back.

“We might not see HOOK for a while, but when he’s there it’s like ‘Boom!’ impressive, like what the hell just happened. That’s HOOK. That’s kind of what he is. A lot of people want more. You know what, last time I checked, that’s a good thing.”

We’ll see more of what El Diablo Guapo can do later this week. As for his partner? Van Bronson, who went from high school-age rapper Tyler and turned his father into a family friend, says HOOK:

‘Dude is a beast. He can go – straight up.”

A man of few words… just like Pops says he is.

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