Swarve Strickland says her first three months in AEW made her forget her last three years in WWE


Swarve Strickland told Renee Paquette that her first few months in AEW erased her memory of the last three years she spent in WWE.

Strickland appeared in an episode of The Sessions, released on Tuesday. During the discussion, he expressed his disappointment about his time in WWE.

“For that first year, I thought I was like a good hand and that’s what created that resentment as well. It’s starting to cause a little bit that I put on Leo Rush, I put Cameron on I put on Grimes, I put on Santos Escobars, I put on Bronson Reeds, Austin Theory. I kept putting all these guys up.”

Strickland continued to say that he tried to talk to Triple H about his position at the company.

“I had a few conversations with Triple H. I’m like, ‘When am I going to be your guy? What will it take for me to be your guy?’ I had three, three specific conversations with him I’ll never forget, which I always pushed the envelope for. I even texted him one day, I was like, ‘Can I have a conversation with you?’ He said, ‘Is there anything you can talk to Matt Bloom about?’ I was like, ‘No.’ He was like, ‘Okay, okay.'”

“I stared at holes in him all day during production, I wanted him to feel the warmth I was seeing on him. Eventually, when we chatted, I was like, ‘You have to put the ball in me. What’s the hesitation. Hands?’ He gave me answers that sounded like they were asking this person for answers over and over again, this person was asking him, and before.

“I knew that to keep tapping that egg, it wasn’t going to work,” Strickland continued.

He continued to say that he then went to Shawn Michaels. They will both have an hour-long tape session that will see Strickland’s match against Matt Riddle from DEFY or his work on PCW Ultra.

“Then it was like, okay, and that’s where it really started to spin. That’s where my hair color started to change, they put grills in my mouth and all that other stuff. I’m really dabbling in hip hop territory. started doing things,” he continued.

Strickland also recalled having a conversation with Stephanie McMahon during this time.

“Then Stephanie McMahon came over and said, ‘You’re like my favorite heel, you’re my favorite heel here,’ and then everything just kind of whirlwind and went up from there. That’s when the hit cry started.”

Hit Row was called to the WWE main roster in early October 2021. B-Fab was released on 4 November and the rest of the faction was cut two weeks later.

“It was so hard because they got rid of Brianna right away. It signaled to me and everyone else, like, I don’t think they trust us as much as they think they should believe in us. To me The writing was on, the walls.”

Strickland then signed with AEW in March.

“So like immediately, I was exactly the same, [my] The first three months in AEW made me completely forget about my last three years in WWE. I put all that focus and energy and all that resentment and stuff into making something. Now, it looks like I’m seven months here and I truly believe I’m without a doubt the best acquisition of 2022 in any company.”

“Those big disappointments later turned into big successes for me,” he continued.

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