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What are Spider Tanks and what role do Silk Tokens play?
Spider Tank is the Play2Earn ecological network of NFT holders, players and game developers. Players can earn victory points by playing Spider Tank matches, buying and selling game gear NFTs, and redeeming game victory points for Silk Rewards. This PvP fighting game allows players to enjoy multiple levels of ownership, including tanks and weapons, battlefield maps, or even factories and planets.

SILK is the official reward token of the game. SILK is an ERC-20 token from Gala Games and GAMEDIA’s new tank battle Spider Tank eSports. It can be earned by participating in and winning Spider Tank games, as well as becoming a node and participating in other products within the project’s ecosystem. SILK’s distribution will be divided into two parts, one part will be distributed to NFT players and one part will be distributed to F2P players. The other portion is distributed to planetary node operators, map owners, Gala and Gamedia members, and founding nodes. These two parts have different proportions. For more details, see the Spider Tank white paper.

Silk Token Overview:
Token name: Resham
Total stock: 4,419,812.76666353 silk lists silk:
Trading pair: SILK/USDT
Trading Time: November 01, 12:00, 2022 (SGT)
Payout time: November 01 12:00, 2022 (SGT)

What are the ways to exchange Victory Points for Silk Rewards?
SILK will always be the only token in the Spider Tank ecosystem and the total number of SILK tokens within the system is fixed. The silk is distributed through the daily settlement system. The distribution depends on the ratio of SILK’s Victory Points for the day. The ratio is determined by the current cumulative coin and total burn for the day. The long-term relationship between victory point-to-silk ratio and circulating supply is shown in the chart below:

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NFT Player Victory Point-to-Silk: The allotment of victory points to bosses and captains is based on substitution perks on each victory throughout the day and is calculated independently based on the attributes of each weapon or body.

Planetary Node Operator Point-to-Silk: Planetary nodes are the backbone of the Spider tank. They ensure that the system server is active for various competitions. Therefore, rewards for planetary node operators will come from the SILK non-replacement allowance, which is determined based on the number of games held on that day and the size of the total workload.

Card Owner’s Point-to-Silk Victory: The SILK distribution of cards depends on the number of games hosted by the cards. Card rewards depend on the size of the daily non-replacement allowance and the total number of Victory Points spent that day.

What is the use of Silk Rewards?
Increased Victory Point Potential: A held SILK is not used in any way and can continue to boost the player’s prize-generating potential as long as they hold it.

Improve your NFT: SILK can be used to buy the necessary ingredients and arachnium to upgrade your tank’s components. Upgraded Tank Part NFTs are more powerful and each win can increase VP.

Maximum available victory points: There is no limit to the ability to earn Victory Points within a day. However, certain factors affect the difficulty of accumulating Victory Points. For more information, please refer to the white paper on the project.




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