Sony assembles an in-house development team with Naughty Dog for an unannounced AAA title

Sony assembles an in-house development team with Naughty Dog for an unannounced AAA title


Sony is apparently hard at work trying to formulate in conjunction with a new in-house game development team Visual Arts-the “award-winning full production group” that contributed to the game series The Last of Us.

Best of all, Naughty Dog seems to be having fun too, according to the Senior Producer job posting on Greenhouse. The whole “high visibility project,is therefore being set up to cater to an unannounced AAA title that Sony hasn’t spilled the beans on yet.

The overview:

  • According to a recent Senior Producer position job posting uploaded on Greenhouse, Sony appears to be working on an unannounced title featuring Naughty Dog in partnership with the motion capture, animation and cinematic art production group that contributed to The Last of Us survival series. horror series.
  • While not explicitly stated that this unannounced title is AAA grade, the “Requirements” of the list guarantees that the ideal candidate has worked on at least 2 or more published AAA titles.
  • Sony has a “we have a clear vision and plan to releasethis under-the-works title.

If you go to the vacancy yourself, you’ll find that Sony is pretty adamant about seeing this unannounced title live up to a full release. There is: “This high visibility project is being developed in collaboration with Naughty Dog. While it is currently unannounced, we have a clear vision and plan to release it.”

In addition, the vacancy further states that the existing legacy of the developers gives more or less guarantees “a high visual quality bar for the game and an immersive experience for players.”

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The Senior Producer Vacancy at Greenhouse

Sony certainly seems to be cooking something and the fact that the famous developer of the Uncharted series is on board definitely harbors new excitement. That said, the job posting isn’t blatantly calling this upcoming unannounced title AAA.

However, it’s easy to speculate from the “Requirements” section of the Senior Producer job posting that the game will in fact be AAA grade. One of the focal points of this area is along the lines of: “Two or more published AAA titles, at least one of which must have been a Senior Producer throughout the entire development cycle.”

In addition, the opening stage of the job posting also sheds light on what the perfect person would want for the job as part of their skillset. The description reads: “As the ideal candidate, you will be proficient in all aspects of AAA game production and management.”

It’s pretty clear that this isn’t going to be anything south of an AAA-quality title. With the presence of such powerful players in Sony’s company rumored to be working on this game – Naughty Dog and PSS Visual Arts – a lot needs to be done here.

Unfortunately, not much information has been revealed in the job listing other than the size and type of this project. We’re yet to find out if this unannounced game involves an existing Sony IP or a brand new title.

Thus begins the waiting game about how the situation is developing and the developers shed more light on the scenario in question. Let us know what you think of this news in the comments below.


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