Sonic Frontiers has unique soundtracks for each cyberspace and Guardian

Sonic Frontiers has unique soundtracks for each cyberspace and Guardian


SEGA’s official mascot, Sonic, is rolling its way into the new upcoming title due out in a few weeks. Like Mario, Sonic has also transcended a dimension; Sonic Frontiers is the first true open world game in the history of Sonic the hedgehog. It is set in the Starfall Islands and will feature both ancient and modern features.

Sonic Frontiers features basic Sonic mechanics from scratch that can be enjoyed by veterans and novices alike. Sonic will be able to traverse the vast green fields, make his way and make his way through classic gameplay features to crack puzzles, fend off enemies and explore different regions.

Big takeaway:

  • The sound director of the Sonic series and the Sonic Frontiers has confirmed in a tweet that Sonic Frontiers will reportedly feature many soundtracks.
  • The reason for this is that each Cyber ​​Space and Guardian battle will feature unique soundtracks.
  • The community has shown a lot of excitement about the confirmation.

Sonic Frontiers sound director Tomoya Ohtani recently posted a tweet confirming that the title will feature a wide variety of soundtracks. According to Tomoya, heaps of tracks will be used during Cyber ​​Space and Guardian’s battle. Tomoya cites that unique music will be played for each Cyber ​​Space event and Guardian battle.

The community has commemorated the sound director’s tweet and expressed great interest in how the tracks might differ. So far, all the soundtracks we’ve heard in various leaks and official gameplay have sounded quite soothing to the ear. We’ve barely scratched the surface, though, as there’s a lot more to enjoy.

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If you’re unfamiliar, Cyber ​​Space Zones are portals that lead to some classic 2D and 3D levels of various styles, reminiscent of previous games in the franchise. In Sonic Frontiers, each Cyber ​​Space takes on the theme of a stage from the previous Sonic episodes.

The overall soundtrack has taken on a lot of importance in Sonic Frontiers. For example, the total length of Sonic Frontiers soundtrack album is more than 6 hours. According to Tomoya, it’s the biggest Sonic OST he’s accompanied to date. The length of the total album also shows the longevity of the game.

We’ve only heard light and upbeat music in the trailers and official gameplay since Sonic mainly explored the vast green fields of Starfall Islands in it. Tomoya previously said that fighting music would change the Open Zone music to better fit the underlying moment and content.

Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for a Nov 8, 2022, release, as the title will not be delayed, which is unlikely at this point. It comes out on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the system requirements for Sonic Frontiers were recently revealed on Steam, check that out too for more details.

What do you think of each Guardian and Cyber ​​Space battle with a unique music track in Sonic Frontiers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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