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Someone teach BillsMafia how to sell


The Buffalo Bills are legit Super Bowl candidates this year, meaning the fan base is as rowdy as ever. That’s saying a lot, as the fan base, many of whom call themselves ‘BillsMafia’, is full of crazy guys. You’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with pro wrestling.

You see, one of the things BillsMafia is famous for is completely pro wrestling at tailgate parties. While scrolling through the timeline earlier in the evening, I came across this gem:

It must be said right away that you, dear reader, absolutely should not do this, whether you are a Bills fan or not.

That said, holy shit! What a cruel power bomb! Looks like you could break your fucking back on the table they break with that slap! Sure enough, the guy in the Josh Allen sweater is laid out and then…just jumps straight up to celebrate?!?

Somebody teach that boy how to sell! He’ll never get anyone but himself, if he’s going to play it that way.

This was your blog about the graveyard squad for the evening. I hope you have a nice evening out there, Cagesiders.

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