Someone has recreated the earthquake engine, and its mighty impressive

Someone has recreated the earthquake engine, and its mighty impressive


The Quake Engine is the game engine developed by id Software to power their 1996 video game earthquake. It featured true 3D real-time rendering and is now licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License v2.0 or later.

Things went wrong immediately after the release, as did the level design. A large part of the engine remained in earthquake II and Quake III Arena and barely varied in the longevity of the series. The Quake engine was also a kind of derivative of the demise engine.

The Quake engine has been treated as a separate engine from its successor, the earthquake II engine. Even if both of these had similarities, they still had their own thing, so uniqueness was key.

The earthquake engine was the first true 3D game engine to use a special map design system that preprocessed and preprocessed some elements of the 3D environment and showed them through a visualized plane. Today a great achievement was discovered and a fully working Quake engine was finally made.

According to ZX Retro Gaming,

This is a fully playable Quake engine with moving enemies running at an impressive speed on a standard 3.5MHz ZX Spectrum 128k. The engine also has support for 7 and 14 MHz, while the 14 Mhz version also has a second floor. You play with W, A, S, D and cursor keys. Tik and Scl files are available in the download.”

they go on,

In this video it is the 7 MHz version played on an original 3.5 MHz machine, and it works fine, but if you have a machine with 7 or 14 MHz it will run faster. As if that wasn’t enough to surprise you, this engine, even running at 3.5MHz, completely beats the old Freescape engine used in 80’s games.”

A person by the name of ‘Silent GameRZX’, a well-known demoscener, has published something unheard of, something that is another milestone in the history of the ZX Spectrum. He successfully created a fully featured 3D engine similar to the Quake game. It’s so similar that it could be seen as a sequel by some players.

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If you think about it, this somewhat masks what’s happening in the Doom community, with its countless platforms ranging from consoles to Notepad to being able to play Doom in Doom, creating a scene from the get-go, very intriguing indeed,

This is not to be missed if you have the necessary equipment. If you feel like playing on this engine is something you should do, this should suffice as an installation guide.

Indie developers always surprise the community, they keep going on with projects that no one thinks are possible, but here we are, with something really beautiful, even if it’s only 8 bits.



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