Small Pet Select Jumbo Natural Paper Bedding, 178 L Natural Brown Paper

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Small Pet Select’s Jumbo Natural Paper Bedding is a premium quality bedding option for your small pets. Made from 100% natural brown paper, this bedding is safe for your pets to burrow, nest, and play in. At a whopping 178 liters, this jumbo bag of bedding is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and more. The natural paper fibers in this bedding are highly absorbent, making it excellent at controlling odor and moisture. Additionally, it is dust-free, meaning it won’t cause respiratory problems in your pets or create a mess in your home. Meticulously manufactured, Small Pet Select’s Jumbo Natural Paper Bedding maintains its structure and fluffiness even after prolonged use. When it’s time to clean your pet’s habitat, simply remove the soiled bedding, and restock the enclosure with fresh bedding. Overall, Small Pet Select’s Jumbo Natural Paper Bedding is a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly option for your furry companions.

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Big Perks for Small Pets

Small pets add joy and companionship to our lives. As a dedicated pet owner, you want your small animal to live a long healthy life. 100% natural small animal bedding from Small Pet Select keeps your little friend safe and comfortable, absorbing waste and reducing odours while protecting delicate feet and eyes.

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Sludge-Free, Virgin Paper Fibres

Our small animal bedding is made from unbleached fibres that weren’t used for any other purpose, which means it’s not recycled printed paper, which can contain harmful residues.

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natural beddingnatural bedding Great for:

RabbitsChinchillasHamstersGuinea PigsRatsMiceGerbilsand more…

Tree Friendly/ Food Grade Standard

No trees were directly harvested. Instead, Small Pet Select bedding is from left-over food grade material, so your small animal sleeps contently, surrounded by soft, toxic-free plant fibres.

Quality Through and Through

You love your pet, whether it’s a prize-winning chinchilla or a lovable hamster, and that’s why you should choose Small Pet Select for your bedding needs.

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Compact Bags Yield High Volume

We make storage easy with our tightly compressed rectangular bags. Once opened and fluffed, our bedding typically expands over three times its packaged volume. For instance, one 178L bag could fill 12 extra-large litter boxes, each one with up to three inches of soft, fluffy bedding.

Let Them Burrow to Their Heart’s Content

Designed specifically for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs, Small Pet Select bedding provides a soft, comfortable environment in which your small animal can thrive.

100% Natural

No additives and no dyes mean no irritants for your little burrower and the fibres are 99% dust *. Our bedding is 100% natural and safe with no fillers, so you know just what your little playmate is digging into or chewing through.

100% Safe – Made In The USA Without Any Harmful Chemicals Additives
Soft + Comfortable for Your Bunnies and Guinea Pigs, But Still Super Absorbent
Each Bag Expands 3X In Volume From It’s Packaged Size
Made From Pure Unbleached Never Been Printed Paper



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