Small Animal Cage, Pet Playpen, Play Tent, Indoor/Outdoor Bedding Fence, Portable Pen for Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit/Bunny, Puppy, Ferret, Rat, Cat, Chinchilla, Bearded Dragon, Hedgehog (NOCOVER-BLU)

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The Small Animal Cage is the perfect pet playpen and indoor/outdoor bedding fence for furry friends of all kinds. This portable pen is designed for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits/bunnies, puppies, ferrets, rats, cats, chinchillas, bearded dragons, and hedgehogs. The NOCOVER-BLU variation is an excellent option for pet owners looking to keep their small animals confined while also providing them with plenty of room to romp and play. The play tent aspect of this cage allows pets to have a designated space to play and explore while remaining contained and safe from potential hazards. At the same time, the portable design of the cage also makes it easy to transport and move around. With this small animal cage, you can be assured that your furry friend will have a comfy and safe spot to sleep or play no matter what environment they find themselves in.

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Price: £14.99
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CJPOWER Small Animals C&C Cage Tent, Breathable & Transparent Pet Playpen Pop Open Outdoor/Indoor Exercise Fence, Portable Yard Fence for Guinea Pig, Rabbits, Hamster, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs

Do you want to keep your pet safe when you get it out from the cage? Do you want to keep your kids safe when they playing with the pet?
Then why not use CJWPOWER playpen for small animals?
⛺ It has a patented design with 1/2 mesh and 1/2 cloth. 1/2 mesh sides make it perfect to be able to keep an eye on pets, while another 1/2 cloth sides can prevent your pets biting holes for escaping out of the cage.
⛺ It’s very easy to set up just by taking it out from the little case and also easy to fold for storage.
⛺ It’s lightweight and a little heavier than an apple, which makes it super portable.
⛺ It has a waterproof bottom. So it’s very easy to clean after use.
⛺ It takes very little room, but the pets have plenty of space to run around.
⛺ It’s sturdy enough that the pets can’t bite holes and escape.
⛺ It can be also used to hold toys and other stuff.

⚠️ Please note: The playpen arrives folded up tightly in a little round case and when you open it, it pops out explosively, so be careful when opening it.

★ ★Many consumers have feedback that it is even better if the bottom of the product improves the waterproof performance.
CJWDZ has improved this product. We changed the material at the bottom of the product to something like a raincoat and an umbrella, which greatly reduced the water permeability at the bottom.

[EASY TO USE] This playpen is easy to set up – as long as taking it from the little case, it will auto open up for direct use. It also can be folded easily into the case for convenient storage.
[EASY TO CLEAN] This small animal cage has the waterproof bottom which makes it easy to wipe clean after playing.
[LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE] This pen is light weight and even a little heavier than an apple. So it’s very portable after folded into the little case and can be taken to anywhere very easily.
[PERFECT SIZE] When this small animal fence set up for use, it takes up very little room, but offers a lot of space for pets to run around.



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