Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener with Enzymatic Cleaning Granules 600 g

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Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener with Enzymatic Cleaning Granules 600 g is an effective way to keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh and clean. This product is designed to eliminate odors and break down the waste in the litter box with its enzymatic cleaning granules. The 600 g bottle is perfect for long-term use and will keep your cat’s litter box smelling fresh for several weeks. The product is easy to use, simply sprinkle the granules on top of your cat’s litter and mix it in. It is safe for both you and your cat, and it does not contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances. With Simple Solution Cat Litter Freshener with Enzymatic Cleaning Granules 600 g, you can enjoy a clean litter box and a fresh-smelling home.

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cat litter Freshenercat litter Freshener

The Simple Solution Promise

For more than 30 years, pet parents have trusted the Simple Solution product line to provide solutions to their pet stains, odours and house training problems.

A Simple Solution to a Clean & Fresh Litter Tray





Litter Changes

For cleaning your litter tray we recommended cat litter odour eliminator spray. Start with a clean, dry empty litter tray with or without plastic liner. Sprinkle a light layer of powder to cover the entire bottom of the litter tray.

Add Litter

Add litter (any type) as usual to the litter tray, sprinkle a little extra powder on top of the litter and mix in.

Remove solids

Once tray is being used, scoop out any solid waste and sprinkle powder on top of the litter and mix in

Clean & Fresh

Re-apply as needed and change litter as necessary to keep litter tray smelling fresh and clean. Cat litter should be changed every 30 days


Powerful Odour Neutralising Power

The Simple Solution natural Pro-Bacteria formula is activated when you cat uses the litter tray. It has long lasting odour control with a hint of spring breeze, and helps eliminate unwanted odours to ensure tray acceptance and keeps your home smelling fresh and clean.


Pet Parenting Made Simpler

Say Goodbye to Pet Messes

Simple Solution has new products for the busy pet parent who wants to keep a clean and healthy home environment as effectively as possible. From puppy pads and indoor accident clean up to diapers and wraps for your furry friend. Simple Solution has the right product for any occasion, offering the busiest of pet parents a convenient shortcut to pet mess clean up.

Benefits of Simple Solution Products: Leak-proof pads for training your dogs or puppies Stain and Odour cleaners that can handle the toughest pet stains Absorbent, disposable dog diapers and wraps for on-the-go mess prevention Washable dog diapers and wraps for more durable and cost saving pet mess prevention

PRO-BACTERIA – The pet friendly pro-bacteria granulated formula digests odour and is activated when your cat uses the litter tray
CLEAN & FRESH – With a hint of Spring Breeze, cat litter granules keep your home smelling fresh and clean with long lasting odour neutralising technology
NATURAL – This naturally based formula is effective against urine and faeces odour
SAFE – to use around pets and children, when used as directed



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