Sheamus and Happy Corbin Reference MJF in Hilarious Twitter Exchange



Sheamus has been running away from his career in recent years, in his own words, ‘banger after banger after banger’.

The latest installment of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 was released this week, counting down the 500 best wrestlers in the world, with undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in first place.

Sheamus, however, came in at 126 after an impressive in-ring year, leaving one fan unhappy. Sheamus replied to the fan saying:

..126th Best Sports Entertainer but No.1 Professional Wrestler. #semantics

He then created his own ‘Pro Wrestling Banger’ index for the year, Where they ranked every single one except for number four, which was awarded to ‘&Mash’, which gave me a huge pop out.

It also caught the attention of Happy Corbyn, who responded to Sheamus’s list, saying:

If you tell people over and over again they will probably believe it.

Sheamus then felt the need to break Corbyn the heartbreaking news about his rank on the list, responding with:

Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022:

126: Baron Corbin

(stats don’t lie)

Corbyn continued the chain by responding:

Thanks for the info. I’m not a mark so I didn’t read the issue. See if you can get Dave to retweet you.

Sheamus then decided to break down the forbidden door with his own response, claiming:

Kayfabe bro, kayfabe… wears a real heels scarf.

Corbyn did not appreciate the context, responding:

there you go again…..internet please love me. Look, I’m referring to the so called taboo things. Note that her scarf is awesome, and I can buy her a matching fedora just because.

MJF also caught wind of his mention of Sheamus, responding simply:


Sheamus gave a scathing response, responding with that gif of Conor McGregor. You know one.

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