Seully 2 Pcs Cat Toy Mint Ball,Teeth Grinding Chew Catnip Toys for Cat,Natural Wood Rolling Exquisite Ball, Chasing Toy Supplies,Increasing Appetite and Cleaning the Mouth,Pet Teeth Cleaning Toy

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The Seully 2 Pcs Cat Toy Mint Ball is the perfect accessory for your feline friend. These toys feature teeth grinding and chew catnip, which can help improve your cat’s oral hygiene while also satisfying their natural urge to bite and play. Made from natural wood rolling exquisite ball, these toys will prove a great chasing toy supply and keep your cat amused for hours on end. They also help increase appetite while cleaning the mouth, thereby keeping your pet healthy and happy. Additionally, these toys can serve as a great way to bond with your pet while improving their overall well-being. So, if you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to keep your cat entertained, the Seully 2 Pcs Cat Toy Mint Ball is the way to go!

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Reduce stress and anxiety: Regularly feeding cats with catnip as well as using toys can considerably alleviate stress stimulants.Make your cats feel calm and relaxed.

Natural material: Made from natural catnip without additives or preservatives. The ball is safe and crazy for your cats. Suitable for cats of all ages.

Provide multiple uses for your pet. For example, it is a cat entertainment toy. It cleans the cat’s teeth, relieves cat tension, releases cats.

Product name:Cat Mint Ball
Color:as the picture shows

Product List:
2 * Cat Mint Ball
Precautions: There may be some deviation because of manual measurement,please prevail in kind.

High-quality material:Made of high-quality safe wooden material,strong and has a long service life,guaranteed to last and non-toxic, feel soft and comfortable,no irritation to your pets,cats and other animals.
Catnip:With the fresh cat mint, which is naturally dried and made into a ball,your pets will crazy about these catnip toys, so that the cat can chew and play the.
Pet fun:Some interactive toys satisfying cat instinctual needs,can relieve boredom and pressure, promotes proper chewing behavior and deters misbehavior, make the cat happy.
Good for health:Facilitates dental hygiene and oral care for cats through exfoliating dental plaque build-ups on molars, canines and incisors. It also help the cat promote exercise and gastrointestinal motility.



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