SCHLEICH 42490n Horse Club Saddle & bridle Sofia & Blossom, Colourful


The SCHLEICH 42490 Horse Club set featuring Sofia and Blossom is a colorful and fun addition to any horse lover’s toy collection. The set includes a saddle and bridle for Sofia, the beautiful and majestic horse, that complement her intricate designs and vivid colors. Blossom, Sofia’s adorable foal, accompanies her mother and adds to the charm and playability of the set. The attention to detail in the designs and accessories of this SCHLEICH set is impressive, and it provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and enjoyment for children of all ages. Whether you want to create your own horseback riding adventures or display the set as a collectible, the SCHLEICH Horse Club Saddle & Bridle set is sure to satisfy your equine interests.

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Our brand values reflect the natural curiosity of kids…they‘re the down-to-our-toes principles guiding everything we do.

Schleich appeals to the natural curiosity of children. They believe that the best stories are full of imagination, free of silly grown-up limitations, and powered by kids’ imaginations. They are champions of free play – with no scripts, no limits and no rules.

Schleich 42490n Horse Club Saddle & bridle Sofia & Blossom, Colourful

The new saddle and bridle combos are colour-coordinated with one HORSE CLUB girl, but of course all other HORSE CLUB figures can ride with them too. The new saddle and bridle combos fit on almost all schleich horses.

Inspiring figurines to play imaginatively and freely. So authentic, so detailed, even Mother Nature approves. Good-quality craftsmanship to withstand Father Time.

Marke: Schleich
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