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Sasha & Naomi back on the red carpet, Bayley warns them to stay there


While we still don’t know when Mercedes Varnado will play Sasha Banks or Koska Reeves again, wrestling fans were once again excited to see her on the red carpet for another Disney+ premiere.

Varnado took her bestie (and fellow WWE expat) Trinity “Naomi” Fatu to the red carpet for the new Star Wars series Andoro on Thursday, September 15. Their appearance seems inspired by Princess Leia’s involuntary stay on Tatooine from Return of the Jediand this kid of the 80s is here [clap emoji] in front of [clap emoji] the [clap emoji].

Sasha was not featured in the new season three teaser for The Mandalorian (the Disney+ Star Wars show she appeared in two episodes of during its second season in 2020), so we’re not sure when we’ll next see her kicking with a jetpack on. We’ve been expecting to see her and Naomi kicking in a WWE ring for a while, but instead we’ve seen them on more runways than ramps.

A WWE superstar supporting their burgeoning modeling career warned them that they might not like what happens when they return. Bayley told In the Kliq (h/t pugnacious)…

“All I know is they’re killing it now. I got to spend some time with them and they are crazy – they are models. They are actresses or singers. They are great. Wherever they go, whatever they do, I support them. They’re going to take over everywhere, take over the world, whatever they want to do, they’re going to do a great job…if they ever come back, I’ll just kick them in the ass. They may be afraid to come back for me. You may want to stay on the runway.”

Bayley’s Damage CTRL team of IYO SKY & Dakota Kai just won the WWE Women’s Tag belts, which Banks & Naomi never lost. Does Bay write checks that her partners can’t cash? Will Boss ‘n’ Glow be satisfied with a stay in Hollywood and NYC?

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