Santino Marella criticizes WWE for not using family surnames



WWE likes to change the names of its wrestlers. This is something they do, we just have to admit it at this point.

Many of the stars in the current NXT brand are second-generation stars, such as Braun Brecker, Brooks Jensen, Von Wagner and Ariana Grace, none of whom are using their parents’ surnames in the company.

Talked About Names for WWE Star Santino Marella (Father of NXT’s Ariana Grace) Monday Mailbag with Mike ChiodaAnd why he disagrees with not using family surnames.

he said:

“I wish someone could explain the logic behind this. It’s okay, if my daughter was ‘Ariana Marella,’ I don’t see a problem with that. He initially started out with Mr. Perfect’s son, Curtis Axel, but everyone knew who he was. I think there’s some commonality to being a second generation, but it’s also great for that because when you’re a second or third generation wrestler, it’s really important for them to know that they’ve earned it and they just Not receiving a free pass because of who their parents are. i miss being with cody [Rhodes] In OVW and the worst thing you could say to Cody, the saddest thing you could say to him was, ‘You don’t deserve this, you’re only here because of your dad,’. I once saw someone say this to him and I felt really bad for him. I guess that’s why he always goes the extra mile, over and over, because without a doubt, he knows he’s made it to the best of his ability. ,

The most recent example of a famous surname change by WWE was the renaming of The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson to ‘Ava Raine’.

For a full list of all the name changes in WWE so far for 2022, click here.

transcription through Wrestling Inc.

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