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Sammy Guevara Calls Eddie Kingston a ‘Fat Piece of Shit’ and Then Beats Him


Sammy Guevara and Eddie Kingston were originally meant to wrestle each other Everything from 2022, but a real backstage altercation resulted in Kingston’s suspension and the match being cancelled. The legitimate tension was apparently the result of a Guevara promo that never made it to the air, where he called Eddie a fat piece of shit.

AEW President Tony Khan likes to make money from real-life hostility, so he turned this shoot back into work and booked Kingston vs. Guevara on Tonight’s ‘Grand Slam’ Episode (September 23) of AEW rampage.

Before the match started, Guevara picked up the microphone and apologized… for not calling Eddie a fat piece of shit before:

As if Eddie needed even more motivation to knock the piss out of this dick, right?

Kingston was determined to end Guevara. At the finish, Guevara passed out in Eddie’s Stretch Plum finisher. However, Eddie refused to break the hold after the bell rang. That’s when Senior Official Paul Turner came out and punished Kingston by reversing the decision.

This was Turner’s first attempt to restore order to AEW after Tony Khan’s recent decree on AEW’s worthless umpires.

What did you think of the finish here, Cagesiders?

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