Sami Zayn’s Wikipedia Briefly Turns Reference To SmackDown Storyline

Sami Zayn's Wikipedia Briefly Turns Reference To SmackDown Storyline


There is more than one royal family in wrestling.

Sami Zayn’s official acceptance as a member of The Bloodline on a recent episode of WWE SmackDown has made many fans cheer for the “Master Strategist”. Some fans have also comically seen Zayn’s honorary membership as a reason. Modify Wikipedia of the “SmackDown” starThat’s exactly what happened on Sunday morning.

On September 25, a Wikipedia user by the name of Lon Lim changed birth name of zain, which is Rami Sebei to include the additional surname of Anoi. This was, of course, a reference to Zayn’s status as an “honorary use” alongside Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Solo Sequoia, who were all widely respected. Anoi family dynasty, The Wikipedia edit also changed Zayn’s legacy, briefly clarifying him as “Canadian-Samoan”, before he was eventually deemed vandalized and returned to normal.

Zayn’s relationship with The Bloodline began earlier this year when He asked the Rains and the Usos for help During his feud with Drew McIntyre last April. Since then, the relationship between Zayn and The Bloodline has grown, with Zayn and the recently introduced Sola Sequoia gradually becoming a secondary tag team for the faction.

Moreover, this comical relationship between Zain and the Anoi family is not only an on-screen story but also has a lot of jokes and references on social media. Recently, Zain Rikishi tweets frequently As if he had an extra son along with Sequoia and The Usos. “Honorary Yus” is also called Rikishi.LightIn response to a photo that happened to cast him as The Bloodline.

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