Sami Zayn gets a big promotion on WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn gets a big promotion on WWE SmackDown


Sami Zayn was officially welcomed to The Bloodline by “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns on episode 9/23 of “WWE SmackDown” in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After the opening promo segment of The Bloodline, Zayn asked to speak on the microphone, which was irritating to Reigns, and especially Jay Uso—who had issues with Zayn Parade as a stable uninvited member.

Zayn initially apologized for cutting the music before applauding Rains and Co. for treating him like his family.

“I know I’m not technically a bloodline, but I wanted to show my gratitude for the way you guys have had me as a family of late,” Zayn told The Bloodline. “I also wanted to publicly acknowledge the tribal chief.”

In response, Rennes laughed in disbelief amid loud “Sami” chants at the Vivint Arena.

“I like you, Sami,” Reigns said. “But what are you talking about now? Why are you saying anything right now? Why are you tagging along, what do you want?”

Reigns then wondered why Zayn was walking around in a Bloodline shirt, before ordering Zayn to remove the shirt. As Zayn continued to look puzzled, Reigns doubled down on his demand.

“I’m not going to tell you again, take off our shirts now!”

Zayn then apologized last week for “disrespecting Wiseman” and for whatever he may have done to upset Reigns and The Bloodline. However, Reigns and Jay Uso continue to yell at Zayn and ask him to take off his shirt.

Once Zayn took off his shirt, Reigns received a surprise for The Honorary You.

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“You’re never gonna wear this [shirt] again because I gave you a new one,” Reigns said before Zayn Tossing a shirt with the text “SZ: Honorary Uce” to Zain.

An excited Zayn put on his new shirt, after which Reigns asked him if he had anything to say.

“Yes, I accept you, Tribal Chief,” Zayn said before embracing Reigns.

While Reigns was initially reluctant to hug Zayn back, he eventually gave up.

As the rest of Bloodline observed, Jay Uso was not in the least happy, as WWE continued to sow the seeds for an eventual rift within the stable.



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