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Ruby Soho Needs Surgery, Withdrawn from UK Event


Ruby Soho reportedly suffered a broken nose at the end of her mixed tag team match during the pre-show on AEW Everything from 2022.

In a video explaining why she should retire from 1PWs A new twist of fate card in the UK on October 1, Soho confirmed the injury and said she needs surgery. Here’s how she explained the situation:

“Hey 1PW fans, it’s yours truly, Ruby Soho, here with some disappointing news.

Now I have to have surgery due to the injury I sustained at All Out, a broken nose in two places and a mess of a septum. And because of the scheduling of that surgery and recovery time, I won’t be able to make it to the show on October 1.

Guys, I’m really sorry I’m not here. Frankly, this is the only thing that would keep me from returning to England. I was really looking forward to that show and I was really looking forward to meeting and seeing you all again. So for that I offer my sincere apologies…”

“Hopefully in the near future, hopefully, the show will be back in February. I’ll be better than ever, and I’ll finally keep my word and make my debut for 1PW. So I apologize again guys, and hope to see you again soon.”

And pro wrestling fans will look forward to seeing you back in the ring when you’re recovered and ready to go, Ruby.

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