Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage, Extra Large, Silver

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The Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage is perfect for hamster lovers who want to provide their furry friends with a comfortable and stylish living space. With its extra-large size and silver finish, this cage offers ample room for your hamster to play, run, and explore. The cage features multiple levels and activities, such as a wheel, ladder, and house, ensuring that your pet never gets bored. The cage is also made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep your hamster’s living quarters fresh and hygienic. With its contemporary design and practical features, the Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage is an ideal choice for any pet owner looking to provide their hamster with a luxurious living environment.

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Price: £65.00 - £40.00
(as of Mar 05,2023 03:29:33 UTC – Details)


From the manufacturer

Pico XL Hamster Cage- Silver

More and more pet owners are looking for a bigger and better homes for their hamsters, so our Pico XL is ideal being 50% larger than the standard Pico.

We’ve achieved this in the most practical manner for most consumers by making the homes taller and adding extra ladders and levels to create an even more exciting and feature packed home.

High quality design and finish.
50cm wide, 36 cm deep and 47cm tall; 8.5mm bar spacing
Supplied complete with unique loft den (improved design), water bottle, food dish and solid wheel.
Easy clean design: all components are fixed to the wire top, so as you lift this off everything is removed leaving you with an easy clean base.The cage is easy to assemble with clip-free secure corners



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