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Introducing the ROSAUI Plush Squeaky Toys for Pet Dogs! Designed to provide endless hours of playtime and entertainment for your furry friend, these toys are perfect for chewing, cleaning teeth, and relieving anxiety and boredom. Suitable for both puppies and large dogs, they are made from high-quality, bite-resistant materials that will last for a long time. Additionally, they are soft, safe, and attractive, featuring an interesting Cockatoo design that will surely catch your dog’s attention. Plus, they are washable, ensuring that they remain clean and hygienic for your pet to play with. So why wait? Get your furry friend the ROSAUI Plush Squeaky Toys today and watch them have a blast!

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Product Description

Dog Toys

Dog Toys-Exercise Dog's Leaping AbilityDog Toys-Exercise Dog's Leaping Ability

ROSAUI DOG TOYS for Large,Medium,Small Dogs and Puppies.

When you throw this Parrot Plush Toy, the dog will leap up and bite it. Exercise your dog’s agility and athletic ability. Increase your interaction and dependence.

Plush Cotton MaterialPlush Cotton Material

Plush Cotton Cloth Texture

Comfortable and durable surface.Soft and sturdy cotton fibers can help deep clean your dog’s teeth. We all know that a dog’s teeth need to be cleaned every day, and the hard material will damage the dog’s dental health. The material of this plush toy is the best choice.

Solid Rope LegSolid Rope Leg

Solid Rope Legs–Tug of War Dog Toy

The solid rope can withstand strong pulling and biting.Rope legs with knot is good for tug of war game.Have fun with your four-legged furry friend!

Built-in Voice Paper WingsBuilt-in Voice Paper Wings

Built in Creaky Paper Wings

Built in crinkle paper on the wings, dogs are more easily attracted.Play the game “find the sound source” with your dog!

Waterproofing DesignWaterproofing Design

Waterproof Lining

Waterproof design, slow down dog saliva penetration.Prevent dirt from seeping in.

Why do you need our plush dog toys?

Help Dog Grind And Clean TeethHelp Dog Grind And Clean Teeth

The cotton fibers of the plush toy can penetrate into the crevices of the dog’s teeth to help clean.

When the dog is growing teeth or teeth are uncomfortable, they will bite things in the room. This bothers many dog owners. With this toy, the problem can be solved. Your dog can grind and clean his teeth by biting it. Your room will be tidy, too.

Built In Squeak AirbagBuilt In Squeak Airbag

The built-in air bag can make sound.

When the dog bites the belly of the toy, the toy will make a squeaky sound, which will increase the fun of the dog playing and relieve the anxiety.

Filled With High Quality Elastic CottonFilled With High Quality Elastic Cotton

Filled with high quality safety elastic cotton.

Safe and harmless elastic cotton, so that you can rest assured of the dog’s health problems.This design also increases the elasticity of the toy, which is not easy to deform. After being bitten by a dog, it’s easy to recover.


Relieve Anxiety And Keep Dog HappyRelieve Anxiety And Keep Dog Happy


We all know that dog behavior is unpredictable, please play under surveillance. This toy is not edible.

High Quality Cotton High Quality Cotton High Quality Cotton High Quality Cotton High Quality Cotton

Main Features
Crinkle paper wings, pineapple fleece surface,Rope legs,Built-in squeaker. Full and Strong, Resistant to Bite,Plush Texture,Rope legs,Built-in squeaker,Good Elasticity Crinkle tail,Plush Texture,Rope legs,Built-in Squeaker,Cute Shape Crinkle tail, pineapple fleece surface,Rope legs,Built-in squeaker. 6 Large knots,Pure cotton fibres,65cm Long,Tug of war toy

Suitable for
Puppy,Small,Medium,Large Dogs. Small,Medium,Large,Giant Dogs. Puppy,Small,Medium,Large Dogs. Puppy,Small,Medium,Large Dogs. 8 Weeks Puppy teething,Medium and Large Dogs Chewing and Tug.

Fully Washable

🐕[Built-in Squeak Airbag]: This dog toy is filled with safe high-elastic material and has a built-in voice airbag. When a dog bites the belly of a toy, it makes a squeak. This design is very easy to attract the dog’s attention and increase the fun when the dog plays.
🐕[Strong and Durable Stitches]: Double Stitches can withstand the dog’s strong bite. You can also use the durable solid rope leg play tug of war with your dog.To increase your interaction with your dog and promote your relationship. Let you be closer and more friendly.[Strong and Durable Stitches]: Double Stitches can withstand the dog’s strong bite. You can also use the durable solid rope leg play tug of war with your dog.To increase your interaction with your dog and let you be closer.
🐕[Moderate Size, Wide Range Of Uses] The size is moderate and suitable for most dogs. SMALL OR LARGE Dogs clean their teeth by chewing this toy. If your dog is growing teeth, it can be used to grind teeth to relieve discomfort. If your dog is in a bad mood, it can be used to interact with him to relieve his anxiety. Usually when walking the dog, you can throw it up to promote the dog to leap, exercise and agility.
🐕[ROSAUI Warm tips]: Please clean before first use. You can choose hand wash or machine wash. Don’t play for more than 20 minutes for the first time, so as to avoid the dog getting too excited about the new toy and leading to fatigue.Hope you have a good time!



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