Ronda Rousey Questions If AEW All Out Backstage Fight Was A Job



A top WWE star has questioned whether the AEW All Out Backstage fight between CM Punk, Ace Steel and The Elite was a chore.

All Elite Wrestling is still feeling the effects of the AEW All Out Media Scrum and the aftermath of CM Punk’s scathing attack in a backstage feud with The Elite.

Everyone involved was suspended, while the AEW World Title and World Trios Champions were vacated. CM Punk also suffered a serious injury prior to his post-show activities.

Despite a report accompanying the company’s response, WWE has kept things close to the vest regarding the incident in its biggest competitor.

However, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey was asked about the backstage turmoil with CM Punk during one. recent live stream,

After admitting not knowing what to say, Rousey questioned whether all this was really real.

He asked:

“Was there an actual fight? Everything is rumored. I don’t know what to say. I wasn’t there when it happened.” He later questioned whether the scuffle was legitimate. “I know I didn’t see it, but are you sure it’s not a job?”

As mentioned earlier, Ronda Rousey has also given her thoughts on who she believes is behind “White Rabbit”.

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transcription through Wrestling Inc.

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