Roman Reigns On Why Brock Lesnar Is Difficult To Work With


Roman Reigns is on top of a mountain in WWE, but Brock Lesnar hasn’t made his journey to the undisputed WWE Universal Champion easy.

Logan Pauls. during an appearance on “impulsive” On the talk show, Reigns stated that his feud with Lesnar created a “more competitive, aggressive environment” that resonated with WWE audiences.

“Me and Brock have been on a lot of big shows together,” Reigns said, citing the “big pay-per-view” as his high-profile platform, including WrestleMania. “I would definitely say that he has been my biggest rival so far.”

As far as working with Lesnar is concerned, Reigns admitted that his opponent’s aggressive approach to wrestling can be a bit challenging.

“F**king Brock Lesnar, man, he picks you up and throws you over the head – there’s nothing good in that,” he said. “It’s so hard to work with a human like this — that some people call him, like, the alpha male of our species. And it’s true, he’s really who he is. I mean, he’s a great businessman. But at the same time he has a legitimate background in MMA that when you come into the ring, that legitimacy has to have some sort of protection.”

Reigns said: “We can’t put them there with anyone. But at the same time, when you go there with them, you understand it’s going to be a bit of a ride, but there’s going to be a lot on it. Eyes are on. So that it can always be made better.”

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